I Crave Cum

photo (92)I crave cum

The cuffs were tight. They were not the metal ones that I was used to. They were leather, wide and fleece lined. They fit each wrist nicely and then were connected with a thick, but very short link chain. A similar and even wider restraint was secured around my neck. They cradled my wrists, and when I pulled my wrists to try and free myself, they supported the weight I applied against them. My muscles would flex and strain and it was a pleasurable discomfort, if you can imagine that. It’s comparable to that feeling of tired and sore muscles from a workout the previous day.
The room was very dimly lit and I sat in a hard chair. It felt like wood, but it was slick with vaneer. I could see bodies, some naked, some accessorized with leather and chain. I could hear breathing and low moaning, occasionally a louder scream or a whisper “Yes” would break through the drone of the other sounds. It all felt so erotic.
Besides the cuffs, I wore very little. A leather strap crossed my body like an X. It wrapped over my shoulders and around the inside of my thighs. A large metal ring sat between my breasts. The cuffs were slipped in here and I imagined that if I got down on my knees, it would appear that I was praying. I also wore leather heels with very high spikes and sharp pointy toes. They were sexy and accented the muscles in my calves.
The muscles in my lower legs gave way to silky soft thighs. They were creamy and white, and black leather straps wrapped around them was a sharp contrast. The strap ran around my full, round ass, following the curves of my body, indenting at the small of my back and crossing over the muscles of my shoulders. In front, it outlined my breasts, almost framing them. The rings brought your eyes to my hands.
The strap spread from there around my tight, flat stomach, hugging the soft curves of my sides, as it wraps gently around my inner thighs. The black leather on ivory skin, accentuates the bare flesh of my shaved pussy, cradled perfectly between my legs. My shoulder length blonde hair curls just over my collar bone and settles near the ring. Natural dirty blonde eyebrows frame almond-shaped blue eyes that are filled with a mix of lust and desire, wonder, and the fear of the unknown. Extreme red lips are puffy and parted, ready to spring into action on command.
I feel the cool of the chair now on my hot eager pussy. I can smell sex in the air and the sounds of pleasure are starting to get to me. I am horny…..and waiting…..waiting for him to bark his orders, or just take me. To do as he pleases with me….to pull my hair and slip his thick cock past my lips….or perhaps lay beneath my chair and poke his thick meat up through the hole drilled in it and force it into my tight ass. This one is my absolute favorite, and I pray that he takes my ass and shows no mercy. I have fallen in love with the feel of his stiff cockhead penetrating the ring of my anus, and gently sliding in and up my asshole until his balls are resting on my smooth ass cheeks. My chair is still sticky, coated with my own squirt from his last anal attack. I can’t forget the pain that shot through my body as his huge dick pierced my anal ring….then the pleasure that overtook me as the pain subsided and the waves of pleasure replaced them.
He enters the room. and I cannot see well. I know him immediately. I can smell him and the sounds of his steps are familiar. He is my husband, and as he approaches. I grow excited. He is 6′ 4″ tall, and since I am sitting down, he is towering over me. He is slight of build, but very muscular. He’s wearing only a T-shirt.
I do not dare speak. He squats now, bringing his face to mine. His eyes are brown, but even in the dim light, I can see the sparkling flecks of amber that I so adore. His face is narrow and his lips are chapped. Chapped from last night when he had them buried between my thighs, sucking my pussy for three hours as he commanded one man after another to shove their hard-ons down my throat until I sucked off every last one of them. I lost count after six. I was dizzy, my jaw sore and tired from licking and slurping, I had swallowed so much strangers cum, that I could still taste it on my tongue. He loved eating my pussy as he looked up at my face and watched me devour one hard dick after another, never letting me stop until each man had reached orgasm and shot his sperm in my mouth. He would jack his dick, or have one of his five sex slaves suck him off as he ate me and watched in amazement.
He smiles at me remembering last night, and reassures me with one wink that tonight will be just as punishing. I try to remove all traces of emotion and not let him see that I am afraid, or apprehensive. I wish to only exhibit feelings of total submission, compliance, and trust. Not only am I his wife, but I am his best whore. I’m the only woman in his captive that is allowed to touch the other women, and one male sub, but ONLY when he allows me. One of my favorites is a sharing my husbands cock with the sissy boy sub. He had never sucked a cock before, but had always wanted to. I showed him how to suck on the balls, and all the proper techniques, and the art of deep-throating. He learned fast and well.
My husband leans in to kiss me softly on the cheek. His lips press against me then he slides them up to my ear and nibbles on it. His soft wet tongue darts into my ear, then he whispers hauntingly “Tonight is going to be special” I feel myself get wet as I imagine what is in store. The heat between my legs intensifies and a tingle spreads from my clit through the width of my pussy lips, and all along my slit to my puckered asshole. I feel my blood pulsing as my temperature rises and my heartbeat quickens. My breath is growing thick, and I imagine myself panting as he again laps my cunt like an animal all night long. I wonder what else will happen.
The kiss is deep and wet. yet gentle. I’m surprised at the suddenness of his force as he switches gears and yanks my ponytail back, putting his hand between my legs and roughly rubbing my wet pussy. My mind races but I don’t want to miss a thing by over-analyzing. I want the pleasure to keep me in the present, so that I may enjoy every second and every sensation.
I am not in control. His actions remind me of this. He stands and I can see his cock stiffen. I long for it in my mouth. I crave it, and the taste of his salty discharge. I desire and lust to feel it pumping in all three of my inviting holes.
I open my elbows wide and use the strength in my restrained arms to push my breasts together. I imagine his cock sliding in and out of them, poking up and through them past my wet horny lips. I grow excited and my nipples puff. He pulls something out of his pocket and I cannot tell what it is. It looks small and silky, and it is black. He stretches the band back and places it over my head. I understand now that it is a blindfold. He’s gentle in releasing the band, and once it is in place, I am immersed in total darkness. I can hear him breathing, but cannot see or feel him.
I’m waiting again, and then I feel his fingers lightly brushing my inner thighs. I feel the tingling between my legs intensify as I anticipate him touching me there. The feeling is like a tickle, and I want to squirm and pull away. but I can’t. I let the sensation jolt through me and I feel my abdomen muscles tighten. I hear a low moan escape his lips as he feels my wetness.
He puts his hands between my thighs and rubs hard again, then down the tops of my legs, and the curves around my hips. His skin feels so soft, and his touch is so light as he is caressing my sides. Then he swoops around to feel the hardness of my nipples. He bends and takes a beasts into his mouth. Wetness and heat tantalize one nipple, and then the next. This time, I let out a sound and it is a sighing moan. The teasing causes me to shiver and I break out in goose bumps.
His hands are now on top of my shoulders, and with a firm weight, he rubs down, and then back up, at the bend of my elbows. He stops at my hands, held captive and resting in front of my ripe boobs. He grips them tight and I know this is the signal- we are starting now. The delicacy and games are over. He’s down to business. He releases my hands and walks to my side. He cradles me with one arm around my back and lifts me from the chair so that I am now standing. My legs are free and only my hands are bound and my sight is gone. He begins to walk and guides me by leash, with short patient steps.
With my sight taken, I notice that my other senses are elevated. I can hear things as we walk through the basement. Voices, mostly hushed, the sound of sex. The same sound you hear when someone is drinking a milkshake directly from the glass with no straw. Loud, aggressive slurping. He is walking a half step in front of me. and I take this opportunity to cheat….to break a rule. I force my cuffed hands up to my face, struggling to slightly lift my blindfold. With half of my right eye exposed to the light, I can see that he tilted two of the girls chairs forward and over, so that they are positioned directly in front of the other two slaves, forcing their faces between the other girls thighs. The two girls chairs are side-by-side, and then are hungrily lapping the pussies of the two girls that are still positioned upright. Complete forced oral. The two girls receiving tongue have their heads tilted back, moaning and salivating as the are being licked to orgasm, over and over again. I notice that the girls sitting in the tilted chairs also have holes drilled in the bottoms, and realize that they too, are having their asses penetrated with cock and being rimmed and tongue fucked.
I hear the clinking of metal and the deep brushing sound of leather on leather. It seems that we have passed through a door and into another section of the basement. There is laughter, sexy giggles, and the clinking of ice cubes into glasses. There is low music playing. I strain to hear what song is playing and smile when I recognize it is the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Californication”
I hear the slapping of bodies in this room. It is amazingly rhythmic, and the breathing is matching it in perfect cadence. I wish I could see the bodies coming together in such unity. There is a vibe in this room and my husband slows, and then stops, dropping his arms free from my side. I can feel him next to me, but I am suddenly overcome with vulnerability as I stand there bound, naked, and seemingly alone.
Someone is approaching us and there is the tapping of feet coming closer. There are many different tapping sounds and I can’t tell how many people are headed our way. They stop, and although there are no voices, I can hear the shaking of hands and the nodding of heads. I can smell perfume and this excites me. I love to taste pussy! It is floral and light and pleasing to me. Then I feel hair brush my arm and I debate if the smell is perfume or hair care product. The hair is soft and the heat rising from this person is radiating onto my skin, although we have not touched yet.
“Can I touch you?” is whispered directly into my ear. The voice is feminine. breathy and seductive. I’m feeling extremely rigid now, not knowing what to expect as I reply with a simple nod. The hand is slightly wrapped around the back of my neck. and fingers stretch up into the nape of my neck. I feel fingernails and they are long, and I’m convinced this is a woman.
She scratches and tugs my hair and I sigh and give myself up to her. I straighten my posture and wait for what’s next. My head drops to the side as I feel her lightly bite into my neck and cup my breasts. Her lips feel thick and sticky with gloss. Her tongue juts out and licks my neck as her grip on my boobs tightens, then relaxes. Just the tip of her tongue is stiffly licking up my neck to my ear. It fills my ear, followed by hot breath, and I shudder as she whispers “Mmm, so delicious” My knees weaken and her sweet scent intoxicates me as I long to touch and taste her.
I put my hands, palms facing out like I’m saying stop. Her large breasts fill my palms; they are full and heavy, with large nipples, like plugs, on the tips. I squeeze and her breathing is loud in my ear. Her tongue is encircling the diamond stud earring I’m wearing, and I hear and feel her teeth biting down on my lobe. She pulls with her head like an animal tearing flesh from bone, and the pain is both frightening yet erotic. I do not respond in any way to indicate that it hurt me.
She continues to nibble, bite, and lick her way down my neck to my breasts. As she bends, her breasts pull from my hands and I miss the feel of them. I feel her bite down hard on my left nipple. I grasp her head and she sucks harder. I cradle the back of her head and help guide her mouth as she feeds on one boob, then the other. The suction is so hard, so consistent, a gasp escapes my lips and is met with a strong passionate kiss.
The passion in this kiss is both immense and familiar, but I don’t think this is my husband. It’s definitely a man! I feel the roughness of stubble on his chin, yet his lips are soft. He’s on the side of me and my hands are still on the woman, in her big curly hair. I feel his hands rub down my ass and one of his fingers grabs hold of the leather strap that I’m wearing. He grasps my big, full cheek in his hand and squeezes hard. I love this and bite his lip to show my desire. He pulls my butt cheek toward him and I like the feel of breeze playing with my asshole and pussy. I arch my back and wonder if there’s someone behind me-someone now seeing how open and ready I am to be fucked.
I tense my muscles and will my asshole to open wider, to invite someone…. anyone, to enter it. He pulls away from me, breaking the kiss, and she backs up too. Someone grabs my arm and I immediately know the touch. My husband leads me a few more steps and I feel my shins press onto something cold and hard. Grabbing my shoulders, he spins me around to face him. He presses his body against mine and his chest smashes into my boobs. His mouth covers mine and his tongue fills my mouth. I respond, although weakly, as I am in submission to him and want to obey.
He bends forward with me in his arms and I worry for a moment that I may fall, but then I feel the soft cushion beneath my body. It feels somewhat like a couch, but rather larger like a bed. He continues to lean me until I am lying down. He presses himself on top of me and I feel all of his weight. My restrained arms are making an uncomfortable distance between us. I feel him moving his arms around, and then hear the clicking of metal. My arms are free and I stretch them up over my head.
As I am extended, I start to feel other hands on me. One is just resting on my wrist; another is caressing the fingers on my other hand. I hear more metal clanks and now feel as though cuffs are being put around my ankles. This is done simultaneously, and I know that there are two people working just on my feet. I wonder how many people are in this room and how many are watching me. I am a little self-conscious of this, and try to bring my knees together.
The ankle-cuffers, whoever they are, pull my legs back to them and now, more gently, pull them apart again so that I am spread-eagle. My husband moves from on top of me and I feel my wrists being pulled so that now my arms are also spread apart. I hear the sounds of many people working. It sounds like rope is being tossed and threaded; it reminds me of putting up a sail on a sailboat. I hear a final click and then the releasing of all hands. My body is completely sprawled wide open on this bed and I no longer feel anyone touching me. I pull with my hands and feet and discover that there is some slack in the rope. I can bend and roll a little bit. I am quite happy with this discovery.
I can hear whispering and can feel the bed shift, making me believe that people are sitting down on it as others are getting up. I can hear wet smacking and I think it is kissing. It makes me horny and I lick my lips. Footsteps are coming toward me; they are getting closer and increasingly louder. They stop at, what sounds to me, like the foot of the bed. I feel the bed sink a bit, and feel someone climb onto it and crawl between my legs. I feel fingers on the inside of my thighs.
The light touch of fingers soon turns into hands, weighted and pushing out on my thighs. The hands linger there, then press harder. The action pulls my hips wide and opens my vagina with force. I moan lightly as I tighten the muscles in my pussy. I tip my tailbone down and my hips up slightly. Without warning, a stinging slap meets my pussy and my clit responds with a pleasurable shocking jolt of voltage. A sigh and a breathy “Oh” escapes my lips. My head tilts to the side and my hips involuntarily lift off of the mattress. Another slap comes followed by a thick wet lapping on my clit. “Fuck!” comes out of my mouth with urgency in my voice.
The hands are still applying pressure to my thighs as the hot tongue pleases me. I am clenching my ass, polished fingertips gingerly spreading my cheeks wide, as I thrust my hips with each long, pleasing lick that extends from my asshole to my pierced clit. And although the tongue is moving slow, and with precision, I am moving my body at the same tempo, keeping steady pace. I can hear what appears to be several men jacking their cocks in unison. I know that they are standing over me, watching everything. I feel an orgasm about to release in my body, when the tongue and pleasure suddenly stop. Without warning, a cock is thrust past my lips and forced several inches down my throat. I gag then choke as he spurts a thick heavy load of cum deep into the back of my mouth. As I swallow his load, I try in vain to reach my clit to rub it and make myself cum. He pulls his dick from my throat and immediately, a second and third cock are stuffed inside of my mouth, both shooting their sticky seed onto my tongue. I feel another load spray onto my exposed boobs, and begin to run down between my cleavage. A tongue laps up the cum. I can smell that familiar perfume from earlier, and recognize it as being from the woman who had violently bitten my ear earlier in another part of the basement.
My nipples are puffed and hard, and they are gripped between fingers and pinched. I love it and jiggle my body to encourage the one responsible. What I really want is to taste more cum shot down my throat. I’m incredibly horny. So horny in fact, that I imagine a rock-hard cock throbbing inside my pussy, and another deep in my ass, humping and pumping me until they cum together and plaster my insides, sending shivers down my spine as I tingle in double penetration ecstasy.
But I am ignored. I hear the sounds of zippers and the rustling of clothing. This person scoots up so that his knees are pushed up under my arms and he is sitting over my breasts. I feel the cock touch my face. It’s not rock hard, but not entirely soft either. It’s huge and warm. He is smacking it on my face and I eagerly open my mouth wide. But he just keeps hitting me with it, smacking it across my face, avoiding my mouth. I lick my lips hoping for a taste of it. I whisper “Please, stick it in my mouth. You can do anything you want to me” He feeds it to me and I latch on to it by wrapping my lips around it and sucking on the thick head. He pulls it out and continues to feed it to me, in and out, over and over again. I feel it get stiffer and stiffer, growing larger with each flick of my tongue, and I crave to have it enter me soon.
He pulls it out of my mouth and slaps it onto my breasts. He continues to slap it, moving down my body until he’s slapping it against my clit. The pleasure is immense and I feel my pussy juices dripping. I can tell that he is gripping and guiding with his hands as he pushes it against my wet lips. He pushes the head into my pussy and I thrust my hips in hope of helping him enter quickly. He pulls back and I struggle with the ropes now. I am frustrated. He guides it in again and I try and hold still, waiting for it, but he brings it back to my clit. He guides it with his hand again. He circles the head around my clit as he applies pressure. The huge cock is rock-hard now. He dips it into my hole then quickly pulls it out with my juices coating it. I can hear my tight pussy make a sucking sound as he withdraws. With small circular motions, he rolls it on my clit.
I try and bring my hand to my face. I feel so exposed now as the orgasm is about to overpower me. I cannot bring my hand closer, but continue to pull as all of my muscles tighten. As I explode into orgasm, he jams the huge cock into me. It tears it’s way in, spreading me wide open. Upon entry, a second orgasm rocks my body. I pump my horny pussy onto his cock with complete desperation.
I feel clicking and clanking of metal and feel release in my hands and legs. I wrap my arms around him and feel the thickness of his chest. He shakes, as if to brush me off. He rolls off of me onto his back and is now laying by my side. I know that I am not to be the aggressor tonight. I roll too and climb on top of him. I can tell that he is shorter than my husband, and muscular and solid. I quickly lower my pussy onto his enormous cock and begin to bounce. I cannot see him, so I trace his face with my hands, sticking my finger into his mouth. He sucks on my finger as I ride his cock furiously. His face is wide, his eyebrows are arched, his chin square. I trace his big soft lips with my fingers. I rub mu hands up his cheeks and onto his head to find that his hair is shaved close.
As my hands go to the top of his head, I feel several hands grab onto all four of my limbs. they hold me down and one of them grabs my hips and helps me thrust down onto his thick cock. I can feel his huge cock slam deep into me all the way up into my stomach. On my down strokes, My ass cheeks slap against his hips. A wave of pleasure over-takes me as I cum all over his balls. A short but fat cock is stuffed into my mouth and shoots a fifth load of creamy cum to the back of my throat. I gobble it as I continue to squirt on the man that I am riding’s balls.
I bend forward and feel a hard slap across my ass, then feel lube being applied. Seconds later, a cock is thrust deep into my asshole and spears me hard. Another cock is sent past my lips, blasting a thick jet of sperm onto my tongue as the two cocks pump my holes. I lean forward even further and feel a hand rubbing my clit. I am being spanked by several people as I ride the two hard cocks. The man who has entered my ass is thrusting so hard that he slams me into the chest of the man I am riding. I am taken to another level of ecstasy as I cum yet again from being DP’d.
He cums deep in my ass and pulls out. I immediately feel a mouth on my asshole sucking the cum out of it. I reach back and find hair and pull it. I can tell that I am being felched by a woman. I feel her remove her mouth and another cock quickly enters my ass. I want it there, filling me with the other cock in my pussy. He keeps pulling out of my ass, teasing me, before slamming it back in and grabbing my hips. He digs his nails into my flesh and pain courses through me. His anal thrusts are deep and calculating. I know that I will cum again soon and I open my mouth and moan a sigh of pleasure. As I do, another cock is thrust into my mouth. I suck it as I ride the two throbbing boners. I want it deep in my throat. I am thankful that it is not as large as the one in my pussy. I have three hard cocks in me. All of my holes are stuffed! Oh my God, I’m fucking airtight! I want to scream “Yes, Yes, fuck me!” But all that escapes from my lips are drooling mumbles onto a cock raping my mouth.
Despite them being closed, my eyes roll into the back of my head. I choke on one cock after another as onem an cums in my mouth, and is quickly replaced by a fresh hard-on. I lose count as I am forced to swallow one load after another. The man below me grunts and releases a huge load of cum into my pussy. Another man enters my ass and pounds me violently, quickly cuming inside my butt. All of my orifices grasp tightly onto each new comer and this causes great pleasure in the men involved, as well os those waiting in line to fill my mouth, pussy, and asshole with endless cock. Another hot load of cum fills my asshole.
The new cock in my mouth pulls out quickly and I can hear him he move behind me. He pulls my hips back to him and thrust his dick deep into my ass in one thrust. I am already filled with cum and I feel it ooze out onto his nuts. I can hear the sticky slapping of our bodies as as the fucking continues. He moans and lets me know that he is already close. He can feel the pleasure that the thick gooey cum has added to the friction created from my tight asshole.
He thrusts then pulls out and comes on my back. The hot liquid shoots and lands between my shoulder blades, then trickles down to the small of my back. I sense lots of movement around me and notice that I am no longer restrained. I am gently rolled onto my back and the noise increases in the room. I can hear breathing and moaning and I reach out to feel several bodies intertwined. Other people are sucking and fucking and I can hear kissing, sucking, and bodies slapping. I’m on my back, relaxed and completely satisfied.
I feel hot cum drip from my pussy and asshole when I smell the woman again. I feel her hair brushing on my stomach and one of her large breasts resting on my thigh. Her nails dig into my ass as she tips me up and begins to suck hot cum from my pussy and ass. I moan and grab her by the hair as I am too tired to fight it. I lose my hands in her wild hair and push her face into my drenched pussy. She slurps and laps until I shiver and feed her my own cum. Her lips wrap around my engorged clitoris and she sucks it as I shudder.
I come one more time then push her away. Her seductive voice says “Yummy” and I feel someone pull her away from me. “Come on Michie, we have to go” says the man’s husky voice. “Yes David, she replies” Our fingers intertwine for a brief moment, and then she is gone. Reminiscent of lovers parting. I can hear her several feet away now and her moans and the slapping noises tell me that she is now being fucked. The sounds of pleasure all around me, and the rhythmic bouncing of beds, cause a smile to spread over my lips and I drift off to sleep…….

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