Rise and grind!

ring, ring! Ring, ring!ring, ring! Marissa slowly became aware of the telephone. her mind was a muddled blur. who the Fuck would be calling her this early? she rubbed her eyes and the fucking phone kept ringing. Finally, she picked it up.

her voice rasped, “this better be fucking important, whoever you are!”

An infuriatingly cheerful voice greeted her still confused brain cells. “good morning, miss Brown.General Packwood here. the Nelson situation has taken a critical turn and I need to consult with you first thing Monday morning, here at the base. Would 8:30 be convenient?”

Marissa was a mess, inside and out. Her cunt and anus were very sore and sticky from Harpers pounding. her lips were swollen from the interminable kissing. her brain was fogged from deep sleep and hours of unbridled ecstasy. She asked him to repeat himself, which he did expeditiously.

“understood, general,”, she stammered into the phone. “And general, could you do me one tiny favor?”

“certainly, Marissa!”

NEVER fucking call me this early on a Sunday morning, ever!”

she slammed down the phone and slumped back on the pillow. She didn’t look at her watch, because she didn’t want to know what time it was.Bradley beside her, still oblivious to it all. The bastard had actually slept through it.

For a moment she looked at her left hand to make sure she hadn’t dreamed it all up. Sure enough, it was that glowing and diamonds on her ring finger and her Rolex on her wrist. Those are the only two items she wore at the moment. In spite of the soreness, she felt good inside. She felt content and fulfilled and happy and deliciously tired.

Her mouth still tasted too dry and salty from brads generous supply of cum. it was a pleasant taste to her, even if it was a bit strange. She couldn’t believe how shameless she been the previous day and two nights. So far, the weekend have been one giant orgy, and she enjoyed every pussy- numbing second of it. she was going to marry this fucking impertinent stud!

Eventually, she got up to get breakfast. Brad awoke to the smell of coffee and tangy bacon. It seems his nose and stomach were better alarm clocks than sounds. For several moments he sniffed in the pleasant aroma and wrote a little. He too, was content. His cock was extremely sore, and he also had the telltale swollen lips.

He never would have guessed that Marissa brown, upper crust bitch, would have been capable of such uninhibited carnal lust. she offered him complete use of her two little hedonistic holes and her saucy mouth, until he had been completely drained. Even after hours of sleep, he was still soft and incapable of doing anything erotic. She played like an unchained animal, and what was more to the point, Marissa was his animal to use and play with as he saw fit. To think, he was going to marry this hot number, along with all that damn money, dinero, bread, dough,etc.

Once he retired from the Army, he would settle down with Marissa someplace, the combination of his pension and her considerable wealth, would give them a life of leisure. They could screw and suck every night, and probably most mornings. He could fill her pussy and asshole full of seed and make the hot bitch burst with child, time after time. how pleasant it would be to take Marissa until she screamed out in passionate lust, beneath the sex- sodden sheets. What a life! It might be a dirty job, but somebody had to do it, he chuckled to himself.

He didn’t see Marissa approaching, because his eyes were closed.”Well sleepyhead, are you ready for breakfast?”

He opened his eyes, and there she was, completely naked, just inches away from him, holding a tray filled with various breakfast items. She placed it on the small night stand beside the bed.

Naked Marissa continued, “I think I need to keep your strength up, darling. After all, we still have a lot more effort to be exerted as we become much better a acquainted.

She guided his fingers to her shaved pink pussy, so he would have no doubt as to what she meant by becoming even better acquainted. With her other hand, she stuck a Crip strip of bacon into his mouth, before he can say anything. He clenched down on the salty meat with a grin of satisfaction. His tender soft dick was beginning to perk up.

Marissa noticed him stiffen. “now, now! what have we here?! she gently stroked his slowly reviving cock with her fingers. “I know what you want, honey! you’ll just have to wait until after breakfast, you wicked stud!”

With one hand he was stuffing his face with bacon or jam covered toast, mixed with the occasional gulp of rich gourmet coffee. his other hand was gently moving inside Marisa’s already juicing pussy, getting her carnal fires warmed up. The slim, foxy blonde was also consuming the food while she moved her groin down to further engulf his probing fingers.

She teased him with her mock British accent. “Afta you finish your toast love. I expect you to thoroughly eat my pussy, as a reward for having prepared you this excellent meal. once you’ve completed that Herculean task, you may proceed to take me to bed and do whatever you wish to my two little tight holes.! Hmmmm!! that feel sweet, you randy stud you!

When his sizable breakfast was a eventually finished, she promptly sat on Brad’s face and held his head fast, forcing him to lick and suck her horny pussy hole and rapidly swelling clit. She was sore from the previous 12 hour festival, but the lubrication quickly eased the pleasant agony. His hands were gripping her lavish tits and tweaking her nipples, while she gasped and moaned in obvious delight.

Brad grinned as he considered all the extravagant things he was going to do to his soon to be wife. his thick cock would split her pussy and anus wide open, permitting him total access. he would drill the fiery bitch silly, until she screamed out in total ecstasy. He’d fuck her pussy deep and very slow, and then drive to bitch completely wild. Brad knew precisely what it would take to send Marissa far beyond any vestige of control.it was so pleasant to feel this lovely ladies most visceral urges in her dirtiest places.
finally, she gasped,”Ooooo! God! get on top of me and give it to me! I’ve got to have it now!
he pushed her to one side and teased her a little. “What? Right now?” he teased.

She gritted her teeth in hissed her reply “Yes! Brad, yes! get in me quick, for god sake!
he mounted the eager bimbo, and ever so slowly, he entered her pussy and slid the big, hard rod home. She squealed, “Oooo Brad! Oh god! Yes! I love how it hurts! Faster!Poop baby! you’re teasing me! It’s not fair! Hurry and f*** me bad! Yes, Brad! fuck me hard!

Brad knew what she wanted, but he deliberately dragged out his thrusts too slow, deep movement. He took the hot bitch slow and deliberate. Marissa lunged to meet his gradual penetrations with reckless wantonness. She was desperate for his cock, no mistake.

He added to her blazing lust by sucking her toes, and then moving down to her stiff nipples and teething them. he knew her well enough by now to be able to turn her passions up several notches in seconds.

She cried out as her nipples stung from his teeth and her pussy writhed from his luxurious Fuck. “Oh god! Fuck me! Do it baby! bang me hard! Yes! Yes! Yes! Harder! Faster!”

She grabbed his ass and forced him to Fuck her deeper and faster. her need grew as she rampaged on his dick. Waves of flaming desire rips through her, and suddenly she realized and squirted her own cum when is big shaft.
“oh, you dirty devil! Keep fucking it! Just Fuck it!”

He grinned down at her as she performed like some Unleashed whore.
“you are the greatest, baby! Now hang on because you’re going to get it bad now, girl!”
he lunged into her with a series of frantic frenzy Fucks that left her gasping after another blistering climax.she couldn’t get enough of his devastating dick!
“Fucking ball me!” her voice was shaking and trembling from the powerful strokes he sent deep inside her fuckhole. it sounded like her words were shuddering and bouncing along with the rhythm of the Fuck.
“Yes baby, yes! faster! Deeper! Bang my fucking cunt!”

Again, she squirted off as her gspot erupted from the vicious pounding of brads massive meat. somehow, she got her legs around his waist and desperately she dug her nails into his back as her body convulsed again and again and searing ecstasy.

His mouth found hers and he emptied a torrent of spit into her, while his dick drilled on and on. Her lips moved on his, coaxing him to play inside her mouth with his wiggling tongue. Brad’s hands gripped her breasts, driving the breath out of her, and still the hedonistic coupling when on. it was like they were giving energy to each other and they couldn’t stop or slow down.

Brad couldn’t seem to cum, because of all the ejaculations he spent the previous evening.he was sore and itchy and his prick tingled and ached for release. it was taking a long time and it was great, because he was driving Marissa ballistic! She was whoring all over his cock, begging him to take her in the most
depraved ways.

Between kisses, she whispered the most obscene suggestions into his receptive ear. Marissa was far beyond any control. Her rampaging pussy controlled her very soul now. the only thing that mattered to her was that her pussy was being filled and fucked and forced wide open.

She jerked and squeezed on him, harder and harder, willing him to spray her insides full of his semen.
Brad felt his dick ache and tingle with the fiery fraction of her eager horny hole. it had to have her. it had to squirt cum into her. he was being ruled, as much by his cock as she was by her writhing, boiling pussy. his dick felt inflamed and the itch increased with the friction of the constant grinding. he felt that wonderful surge build and build. he was going to do it again! He couldn’t hold it back!

Brad yelled “I’ve got to have you again!
he kissed her again and launched more saliva into her moaning mouth, just before he shot his warm, sticky wad all the way up her tangy vaginal Wonderland.

He screamed,”take it and like it, bitch!
he thought he’d have a heart attack. he lay on her bare belly, gasping and moaning ftom the incredible pleasure of complete satiation. pulse after pulse of his lust squirted into her and he just lay there, glorying in the feel of his hot, visceral girlfriend.

At last, Brad got his voice back, while Marissa gently stroked his sweat moistened hair and crooned to him like a mother comforting a child. “Oh Marissa,I’ve never screwed like this before. Why are you so different?”
Marissa suggestively wriggled her drenched pussy on his softening meat. “maybe it’s because I’m in love with you, silly. Maybe it’s because I’ve wanted to be fucked for 10 years and it’s all coming out in a big gush.

“I never knew it could be just beautiful and wicked at the same time. I feel so divine, and yet so filthy. Is such a turn on. I just can’t seem to get enough of you, and yes, before you ask, Brad, I do expect a lot more of the same from you today, while we trade life stories.”

The next morning, general Packwood was sitting behind his desk, looking at Miss Marissa brown. She was different somehow. Young woman seemed to glow, even in the drab office. Her smile was brighter and her eyes sparkled.

“well general, what was so important that you had to call me at some ungodly hour on a Sunday morning? Hmmm?”
“sorry about that, but I had to get something sorted out regarding Colonel Nelson.”
Her voice got decidedly grim, “Oh?”
“you may be interested in knowing that Colonel Nelson has proposed a solution to this matter. I can bring him to court martial as we had discussed or….”

Marissa let her head slip to one side and she raised her eyebrows “Or?”
“where he will agree to resign a year from February. This will give him time to train a replacement adequately and he figured it would give you some satisfaction to see his career effectively terminated.”

She stared into the great Man’s steely eyes. she was planning to marry Brad very, very soon. The last thing she needed was a complex court case with potentially damaging publicity for herself and her soon-to-be husband. it might not have been as satisfactory as she might have Wished,but she had accomplished something. At least the bastard would resign at some point in the not too distant future.

“All right, General. if you can get Nelson’s agreement to resign in writing, and such agreement is witnessed and date it, then I will accept that. Let me know when the documents are ready for my perusal, and that should and the matter. I’m glad to see the back of him. in all honesty.”

Packwood leaned back in the chair, visibly more relaxed. “I think that is a very wise decision, Miss Brown. I will contact major Walton and the wayward colonel and get this matter resolved expeditiously, you can be sure.”
after the troublesome blonde left, Packwood shut his eyes for a few minutes. it seems like yesterday when he was in England, flying missions over Germany. Friends, both living and dead, flitted through his memories. What was this great country coming to?
sure, they’d had wild parties when on leave during the Great War.the chaps didn’t know how long they would be in the land of the living. war time was its own aphrodisiac. He sighed with regret. Well at least this sordid business with Nelson and others was finally about to be laid to rest.


His little sluts (The Toronto tow truck diaries)

  This story is a work of fiction starring @Pakidouche and @claraa_sweet


One of the exciting things about having the complete use of a new slut for an entire weekend, is that you can do absolutely everything you desire to her. Every nook and cranny can be thoroughly explored. All positions can be performed to completion. Even when her pussy is red and sore….when her ass has been stretched to the limit……her mouth used and abused with load after load of hot cum…..it still craves more sexual contact when the object is the attainment of total physical ecstasy. Orgasms become more important than anything else….including the act itself. The exertions of intercourse simply become a mere means to the end, which is, of course, the thrilling mystical release of exquisite climax. To indulge in such unleashed excess with a new, fresh pussy-romping slut is all the better! It adds spice to the coupling. Variety becomes a force as powerful as the act of fucking itself. To feel a different series of internal urges and responses adds so much more intensity to all these thrilling, erotic perversions.

LOG ENTRY; Saturday July 19, 2014 1406053461010 As I mentioned before, I am hopelessly addicted to the carnal treasures of horny, uninhibited young women. Now I was currently in the midst of training my very own personal wench. I was introducing an untainted nymphet to my own personal needs and urges. The previous evening, I’d filled Sophie’s love crack three delirious times, and the fun of it all was she couldn’t escape. I kept her tied fast and stretched wide open. Even with Clara supplying me with an impressive array of her own sexual talents, I couldn’t seem to get enough of her tiny shaved wriggling holes. Because she was tied securely, the gorgeous Punjabi waif couldn’t get away from my relentless assault. She was being totally ravished. But also, as an added bonus, she would feel no guilt, as she could tell herself that she was unable to escape the enjoyable pleasures her soft young cunt so thoroughly craved.

After a refreshing slumber and a fine breakfast, the three of us were again on the bed. This time, we only secured Sophie’s wrists to a long chain to allow her more freedom of movement. I think she really enjoyed being treated like a little whore slave.


So, if you can picture this, Clara was lying against the headboard, with a pillow to rest on, and her legs wide apart. Her hands holding Sophie’s face against her shaved mound, as the 18 year old harlot ate out the hot French girls pussy. I was relaxed against a pillow at the footboard, holding her legs in place. Her cunt rhythmically moving up and down on my stiff shaft. It was slow and luxurious. We were in no hurry. After all, it was a Saturday morning and our little world was our oyster….and Sophie and Clara were my pristine pearls.

Leisurely sex can be so delightful and pleasant. I watched as bliss slowly swept over Clara’s face. God how she loved to have her pussy eaten! I watched her squeeze her tits and nipples as her sweet cunt was toyed with in the most exotic manner. As for my end, her pussy was so fucking tight! She made me squirt three times….and that was after I plowed Clara and filled her sweet mouth with a load of cum. The truth is, I was already aching for more intense consummation. But like an expensive wine, it was best enjoyed slowly. I wanted to savor every second of these delicious sluts eager holes. Its hard to explain what it felt like; such a teasing tightness…..gripping firmness…..i could feel her ache and desire in every thrust and quivering motion. It was fascinating watching her plump ass and wet pussy slam up and down. Swallowing my cock then releasing it, time after glorious time. And watching Clara’s face as Sophie  tongue fucked her while she throated my dick, slid the shaft out of her throat, moaning in French “Oh oui, manger ma chatte! Manger ma chatte!”

There is nothing quite like morning sex. To know you have the entire day before you, and two beautiful sluts to service every and any perverted sexual desire you could possibly imagine. To lie back in comfort on Egyptian cotton sheets as a hot teen nymph rides your swollen prick in the doggie position as a 25 year old French cam girl grinds her sweet ass and wet pussy on your mouth, contemplating what she wants to do to your thick cock as soon as she gets the opportunity to take the younger Nymphs place…..yes, life was good.

Clara turned toward me. Her smile seductive and her eyes dreamy as she cupped my face and pressed her nipples to my mouth. Her beautiful dark eyes were mysterious and full of depth as her gaze searched mine. She lightly bit my neck and kissed my earlobe as I felt Sophie’s moist lips part and plunge down my hard cock. She withdrew my brick-hard prick from her hungry mouth and held the tip to her wetness, sinking down, burying it balls deep. She threw her head back as a moan escaped her lips. From time to time i slapped her humping ass to keep her in time. I figured the occassional pain added zest to the fucking. After each slap, her pussy tightened as if it knew instinctively what my horny dick needed. My hands gripped her ass cheeks harder now as I guided her to work faster and deeper, as Clara had now positioned herself at the point of impact and was eagerly lapping her studded tongue on Sophie’s clit. Every few minutes or so, I withdrew, popping my cock into her mouth giving her another taste of the yummy teen. Even though her hands were chained behind her back, Sophie could lean back into me giving Clara easy access to work her talented tongue all over her pussy. That wicked little velvet-like tongue wormed over Sophie’s asshole, then back to service her clit. Her legs were spread far apart and I could see her lunge forward to press her pussy harder against Clara’s hot tongue as she pumped up and down on my throbbing cock. The feel of fresh, urgent teen cunt was so intense…..so vital……so deliciously vile!! The young sex toy slowly humped my impaling stiff rod. Sensations of the hottest pleasures streaked up my staff as she performed her magical dance of prime quality lust to the steady rhythm of Clara’s darting licks. What an appetizer to lunch was this.

I gently twisted a neon green dildo up into her asshole. I had already explained to her that I was going to pump a load or two of cum up her ass on Sunday, and this was going to prepare her for it. Sophie moaned loudly as I screwed the neon green love toy in little circles while she slid her pussy down the length of my meat. “Make me feel every inch of that thick dick!” She moaned. “I’m going to squirt all over her face” she gasped, grabbing a handful of the French fox’ hair, pulling it roughly and grinding her young box hard to Clara’s pretty face.

Vivid memories came back to me as I recalled the first time she rode me in the tow truck, clawing my back and biting my neck as I pumped her pussy hard. I’ve been her personal sex education instructor ever since.

As I’ve mentioned, Clara is of French descent. I took to her carnal pleasures like a duck to water. She was insatiable, with fire in her blood and a molten pussy that gripped my dick like a leather glove. Her shaved snatch was lush and rich in texture and enfolded my cock like a soft counterpane on a cold winter’s night. It was even more exciting plunging my veiny meat deep into her tight ass, then pulling out and feeding it to Sophie. She would throat me, suck my balls, then shove it right back in Clara’s ass, licking her fingers with one hand as she drove three fingers into her own dripping wet pussy. Both girls knew how to work their muscles like pros to jerk and squeeze me, milking every drop of seed time after time. Clara’s pristine cunt was tight and moved unpredictably, like a healthy female tiger. Her skin was so soft and pliant. It was an irresistible combination. Sophie moved up and down my prick with lust and vigor, slamming down on me tip to balls, like a sizzling little elfette. And she craved having me finish far into the back of her throat.

Suddenly, she bucked furiously on my dick. It was apparent she was in serious feverish heat now, and she shivered and cried out as a climax ripped through her inflamed loins. Clara lifted her pussy-drenched face and whispered “That’s a good girl. You just love to fuck as you have your clit sucked, dear.” “Very good, you adorable little Indian doll.” She said, kissing Sophie’s lips. Clara threw her head back and it was moving side to side as she grabbed the teens face and forced it to her pussy. She gasped in ecstasy as I watched my hot little angel run her tongue from asshole to the beautiful courtesan’s seeping crack. image By this time, my cock-head was tingling again with an urge that was beyond description. I clutched Sophie’s ass cheeks firm and snarled “I can’t wait for Sunday. I’m going to fuck your ass deep and hard right now you naughty little bitch!” After that, I couldn’t talk. The fiery torment built as I lubed her asshole and plunged in an inch at a time, watching Clara bite her lip as Sophie’s head bobbed back and forth, tongue fucking the French girls cunt and ass. Waves of pleasure rushed over me as I humped her tight ass. I plowed her rump relentlessly for a good five minutes before erupting deep into her humping crack. I held her ass in place as i kept spurting into her. It was sheer pleasure to feel my sticky stream jet into her tight little hole. I pulled out and held my cock in the air, walking to Clara and feeding it to her waiting mouth. “Suck it nice and slow. Work your throat all the way down and wiggle your tongue on my nuts. God yes baby, just like that!” I demanded. I watched in awe as her sweet mouth magically made my dick disappear and reappear.
Clara whimpered “Oh God, are you going to fuck my little pussy real hard? Are you going to make it hurt real nice”
“You better believe it. Now lift your sweet French ass off the ground and slid onto my dick!” I demanded.
I’d already cum twice but knew I could Pound her little box for a long time. Sophie calmly took Clara’s leg bonds and secured them all the way back to her shoulders. as my thrusting rampage began. Thud! Thud! Thud! My cock plunged and squished inside her tormenting tight hole. Hardee and harder I pounded into her soft wetness as my efforts were rewarded by moans and foul language. The gutter was taking over as she lost control and started pumping her hips back to meet my thrusts. She shuddered time and time again from the blazing joy of fierce multiple orgasms. She wailed “Ooooh! Oooooh! Fuck my pussy! Fill my hole! Hurt me! Deeper! I want to feel your balls slapping against me!

My hands cupped her pliable tits as I drove all the way in, slamming hard against her ass cheeks and inner thighs. I just couldn’t get enough of this French nymph’s tight pussy. She was girl-like and innocent looking, and yet the fire of newly discovered lust was pulsing all through her belly and vice-like groin. She whispered ” I love it. Do you like to fuck inside of me?”
“Split my pussy wide open!” She screamed. I alternated between hammering thrusts and slow and deep circular grinding. Her hungry cunts staccato motions told me she was on fire and ready to cum hard. I moved down and gave her a long deep kiss. Our tongues mingled and twisted as my cock searched every inch of her tight slit. She was so tantalizing, so petite and helpless. I lanced and drilled her cramming my throbbing meat deep inside her. My mouth muffled her cries of pleasure as she climaxed once again. Her torrid kiss muffled my own moan as I shot inside her. God I just loved filling her cubt. I could keep creaming off into her tight wet hole indefinitely.

The Fire down below


     “Why do I dream about sex and have uncontrollable urges every day Ms. Horn?” I asked my Psychiatrist.

     Cassie Horn sighed. Teri Chambers was exactly the kind of patient she was happy to treat.  That’s was the reason her colleague, Eugene, referred them to her. She felt more comfortable telling her desires to another female, rather than a man.  Cassie helped these women realize there was nothing wrong with them, they just had a much higher sex drive than the average woman. They may be what society considered “Normal”, but 20 or so years back, being highly sexually active was thought to be aberrant behavior. Cassie had many patients, and some friends who were the same, including Eugene himself.

     “Please, call me Cassie” she said to Teri.

     Cassie liked Teri from the moment she walked into her office. She was sweet, blonde, and adorable, with a cutie-pie face and a smile that lit up a room! She had shoulder-length blonde hair and a great ass. Teri was very up front that she loved sex…..loved it a lot…..but every time she fucked someone new, she had great feelings of guilt. Those feelings were the result of a very strict catholic upbringing, and the fact that she had been raised the daughter of a decorated Marine officer who had controlled her every thought and move until she was nearly a senior in high school.

     Once she turned 16, a friend had shown her the error in her ways, and the young Teri had discovered the joy of sex having her first sexual experience. Teri loved to be fucked! She loved oral…giving and receiving. She loved dressing in short skirts and flaunting her ample body.

     What Teri could not seem to get over were the enormous feelings of guilt that would wash over her the day after. It had been instilled in her psyche that sex was only to be used for procreation within the boundaries of marriage.

     Teri’s friend had suggested Eugene, who was helping her cope, but Eugene knew that Cassie, with her unusual treatment methods, would likely help Teri turn the tide.

     Teri’s pretty blue eyes were still looking at Cassie, wanting some answer to her question.

     Cassie smiled and said “No dear, you’re not a nymphomaniac. Besides, that word is a double-standard. If a man really enjoys sexual activities and has multiple partners, he’s considered a stud or a playboy.

     Teri nodded “You’re right”

     “Of course I am. Now Teri, do you choose your sexual partners or do they choose you?”

     “They generally approach me when I’m out with friends, dancing or having a few drinks at the nightclub we like”

     “Alright Teri, then I have an assignment for you. I want you to go out tonight and look for someone you find attractive. If they’re someone you like sexually, I want you to feel free to take them back to your house and have sex – and don’t feel guilt! ….just enjoy the pleasurable sensations of each others bodies. Do you think you can try that?”

     Teri didn’t say anything, she just stared at Ms. Horn….nodded….then left the room.

     Cassie sighed. She hoped her unorthodox methods would work and help Teri. She was a lovely young woman and deserved to enjoy her sex life.

     Teri was right on time for her noon appointment that Tuesday. She didn’t recline on the couch and get comfortable as she usually did. She sat upright in her chair smiling and seemed anxious to talk.

     “How did things go?” Cassie asked her client.

     “I did just as you suggested” Teri smiled. “Friday night I went out clubbing with my friend Chrissy. I figured that whatever happened, I was going to throw myself into it and thoroughly enjoy it, not worrying about my feelings the next day.”

     “Then I see this guy standing over in the corner….and he sees me. I went right over to him and told him that I found him attractive,  and that I wanted to dance with him and get to know him”  

     “And?” Ms. Horn asked.

     “He told me that he worked as a Fireman and that I should call him Chief. He was smooth on the dance floor, almost like he danced for a living. So I asked him if his moves in bed were as good as his moves on the floor” Teri giggled.

     “He asked me if that was an invitation, and I said it certainly was. I told him I had a fire burning in my pussy and that I needed his hose to fill me up and extinguish it”

     “I took him back to my place and went crazy on him! I never felt so liberated! …..I’d been wearing my tiny red mini and crop top with five inch heels. I did a little strip show for him and then unzipped his fly and attacked his cock. I ripped his clothes off , sucked his dick until he was stiff as cement, then I insisted that he fuck me in the ass. I was so horny that I didn’t even want foreplay. He went down on me a bit, but I was so turned on that I was already soaked. He was a little disappointed because he was groaning into my pussy….telling me how wet and delicious I tasted…..but when I backed into him and guided his cock to my asshole, he pushed in an inch at a time and quickly forgot all about eating me out.

     When his thick cock was completely inside my ass, he was like a machine gun…..or some kind of fucking animal. He gave me the hardest, most savage anal fuck of my life! I loved every second of it Ms. Horn….um….I mean Cassie. We didn’t stop until early this morning. We shacked up and screwed all weekend until my pussy and ass were sore from his assaults. In fact, if it weren’t for my appointment with you today, we might still be fucking.

     “Good for you, Teri. I want you to do it again, except go somewhere new and unfamiliar, and go by yourself. Have fun, but don’t take any dangerous risks, of course. Enjoy your sexuality….let yourself loose again. Free your inner slut and don’t think about feelings of guilt. Be back here next Tuesday at the same time and we’ll talk about it”

     Cassie was actually excited. Hearing Teri relate her tale was sexy. She knew as a professional, that feeling  this way wasn’t quite kosher, but she had been able to visualize Teri fucking from the detailed picture that she had painted…and well….it had gotten to her. Cassie didn’t beat herself up over it. Fantasies were fine.

     The next week Teri came back. She looked amazing in a gauzy sundress that displayed her figure very nicely. You could make out her breasts and curvaceous bottom. Teri sat and crossed her legs. Cassie sat in her chair and admired her client.

     “Hello Teri. So, how did it go?”



“I went to this casino I’ve been dying to visit, Revel, in Atlantic City. I only took one hundred dollars and that was my limit. Lucky me, I won three hundred!”
“Nice” said Cassie
Teri smiled and nodded “Anyway, as I’m going to cash in my winnings, I ran into this pretty brunette who had lost all the money she had brought with her. She was really beautiful Cassie!
I decided to take your advice and go for it. I was feeling lucky. I introduced myself and told her I was sorry her luck had been bad and offered to buy her dinner. She accepted and told me her name was Candie. I could feel the heat between us right away. Like I said, she was brunette and sexy, and kept steady eye contact with me. There was strong animal magnetism.

All through dinner there were signs that we wanted each other. She smiled, winked, and licked her lips a lot. She had a room upstairs, so we went up and ordered drinks. I was more than willing to pay for them. After a few, we were all over each other.

Candie really knew how to eat pussy. She didn’t miss a spot! This was the best girl-on-girl action I have ever had. Her body was perfect. I later learned she’s a fitness trainer. She had great legs that led up to a smooth shaved pussy. I dined on her for an hour returning the pleasure. I have quite the magic tongue myself Cassie, and I had her exploding and squirting in my mouth. Candie had comets flying in her head she came so hard.

In keeping with what you are trying to teach me, I decided I would devour her and just simply enjoy myself and feel no guilt or remorse. In my past experiences with Michelle, Chrissy, and Alicia, I had been passive. Not this time. Not with Candie. I showed her that I knew my way around another female’s body, and I had her purring like a kitten.

“Good for you, Teri. I think it sounds like you’re well on your way to discovering your true self and getting past all the bullshit indoctrination. A few more assignments and I believe that you shall be fine.”

“Why not? I’ve been having a blast so far!” Teri giggled.

Promptly at noon the following Tuesday, Teri was at her appointment with Ms. Horn. Cassie had to admit, professional or not, she was dying to hear Teri’s latest adventure.

“I hope I don’t shock you Ms. Horn. I went to a swingers club”
‘Please, call me Cassie” she said in a low voice, putting her hand over Teri’s.
“I saw it in one of those flyers around the city and thought i’d give it a try.

“I wasn’t in the door five minutes before I spotted them. He was this gorgeous surfer-dude, she was this tiny little sexy Asian. She couldn’t have been an inch over five foot tall. Oh my God, what a body! She was wearing a tight black leather mini and a sheer silk top. All silver, sitting on his lap and being very affectionate.”

“I summoned up all of my courage and asked if I could buy them both a drink. His name was brad and hers was Keira Lee. I wanted her more, but I figured he would be a good fuck too. Besides, I really was in the moos for a threesome. They invited me to join them and we chatted for about an hour or so.”

“Finally, I told them it was obvious what we were all here for and they told me it was their first time. I sort of lied and told them it would be my first three-way too. I wanted to relax them and not have them thinking I was a slut or some type of pro. I just smiled and invited them back to my place. Once we got there, I was all over Keira Lee. I stripped her down and was nibbling on that yummy little compact body of hers. What an adorable little pixie…and oh my god, what a delicious little shaved cunt. We didn’t even make it to my bedroom. I had her on my couch and was eating her yummy pussy soooo good! I could feel Brad behind me sucking my clit and fingering my ass. Then he shoved that thick piece of manhood all the way up my ass. He had me cumming all over the place. He switched back and forth, drilling my pussy, then sticking it back in my ass. I must have cum like four or five times. I was more excited than usual having cock in me…AND my face buried in Keira’s tight little jewel. She tasted so fucking good Cassie! She was squirming and pulling my hair….moaning and biting my neck saying “Eat my pussy Teri…Eat my pussy!” Brad was hammering away, pounding me relentlessly. His thrusts pushed me forward, forcing my tongue deeper into the tiny Asian girl’s pussy.”

“After he shot a load into my butt, I told him I loved ass-to- mouth, and that I’d get him hard again. So I sucked him until his boner grew, then I laid on my back. Brad grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs back as far as they would go….all the way behind my head. He shoved his cock into me balls deep in one thrust. Keira straddled my face and grinded her juicy Asian cunt in my face, as her boyfriend, husband…never really did find out…plowed both of my holes all over again. I was in heaven. I was getting blasted with hard cock and eating one of the sweetest tasting shaved hot pussies I ever had. We all came about the same time. Brad shot another creamy load…this time deep in my pussy. Keira ate me, tasting his cum, while he fucked her from behind. Oh my God Ms’ Horn…um, I mean Cassie, it was so good!” Teri recalled, squeezing Ms. Horn’s hand and sighing.

“Wow! Sounds like you had a really good time. You are definitely coming out of your shell, honey” Cassie smiled.
“Oh yeah, I even have a private date set up with Keira Lee next week”
“Oh? How do you feel about that?” asked Ms. Horn
“Naughty” giggled Teri, covering her mouth and laughing. “But I’m okay with it” she smiled.

“Keep it up and I’ll see you next week” Cassie said, proud that her methods were having an affect on the young girl, but wet from hearing about Teri’s latest encounter….and dying to get her vibe out and pleasure herself before the next patient arrived in forty five minutes. Teri’s story had been so hot, that Cassie wished she could have been a fly on the fall, observing everything as it went down. Teri was sexy as Hell, and Keira Lee sounded smoking! Cassie’s own relationships weren’t half as Hot as what Teri had described.

Tuesday at eleven thirty, Teri showed up early, which was unusual. She had always arrived precisely at noon. Cassie didn’t have any prior appointments, so she ushered Teri into her office. Teri hung up her jacket and Cassie was surprised to see she was dressed even more provocatively than normal. She was wearing a silver silk blouse, and it was obvious she had on no bra. Her puffy nipples protruding almost through the fabric, and tight black leather pants that looked like they didn’t fit, barely covering her plump, tanned ass cheeks. Finishing it off, were short black leather boots.
“Well don’t you look fetching” Cassie commented as Teri sat down. “Did you have any exciting encounters this week?”
Teri smiled “Aside from my rendezvous with Keira Lee, no….not yet” she winked. “I borrowed her blouse. Isn’t it sexy?…and smell it….her scent is intoxicating, right?!”

“Mmm, yes, smells great, and very becoming. So, nothing yet? Are you going out later?”
Teri grinned mischievously, then leaned in close enough that she was nearly touching noses with Ms. Horn. Cassie could smell her perfume and it was having an affect on her. The scent of Keira Lee was also making her wet.

“Actually” Teri said, “I was hoping to have another encounter…..now” Teri licked the side of Ms. Horn’s face and kissed her softly on the lips.
“You mean, with me? I’m extremely flattered Teri, but I couldn’t do that, you’re a client”
“Cassie, you taught me to be up front with my needs and desires….and I find you very sexy….and VERY desirable! You’re smart, pretty, why wouldn’t I? You’re not a medical doctor, so you won’t be violating any codes of ethics.”

Cassie was about to say something, but Teri was set on course.

“I’ve seen that my stories have been getting to you. I know they make you horny. They do, don’t they Cassie?” she smiled. “So if they’re making you horny, and you’re repressing your desires….aren’t you, yourself, doing what you told me not to? If you want me, all you have to do is stand up and take my hand. Put it wherever you want and I’ll take it from there.”

Cassie wrestled momentarily with her lust. It had been a long time since she had been with another woman. It was true…she had been going home at night and thinking of Teri as she played with her vibrator, or worked her well-lubed dildo into her hungry snatch….recalling every kinky, sordid detail of each of Teri’s adventures.

She stood up and took the young girls hand. “Wise choice” Teri grinned, pulling her therapist close. Forget the toys, now Cassie had the real thing. The two women were now squeezed tight together. Their lips kissing, hands exploring. Cassie’s hands wandered down to Teri’s butt, feeling her firm round ass. “It’s been a while for me Teri.” Cassie said. “Please forgive me if I’m not as experienced as Candie or Keira”

“You’ll be fine” Candie smiled, as she walked through the door. “just relax and touch Teri. Play with her pussy. Kiss her. She loves kisses and soft touches, don’t you baby?” Candie winked.
“Mmm, yes I do”
Cassie was stunned, but more than a little turned on. “I brought one of my assignments here for you to sample” Teri giggled. She eased Cassie down onto the plush office carpet and took off her blouse, then slowly removed her thong. Teri knelt over Cassie’s face and lightly brushed her wet pussy over her lips. Cassie moaned as she lapped at Teri’s ripe peach….”Oh yes. you taste exquisite”
“Remember that magic tongue that I told you Candie possessed?”
Just as she said that, Candie knelt down and peeled off Ms’ Horn’s skirt, darting her tongue in and out of her horny pussy. Teri stroked Cassie’s long dark hair as she slowly grinded her wet hole over Cassie’s mouth. Candie began to lick Cassie all over, raising little bumps on her skin. Cassie felt more alive than she had been in months. Her pussy was soaked. She swayed her hips back and forth as Candie spread her legs wide and tongued her pussy and ass. Teri was bucking her hips a bit faster now, pushing her clit onto Cassie’s tongue strokes.
“Oh what a talented little bitch you are….eat me Cassie, eat my fucking cunt.” Cassie continued dipping her tongue in and out of Teri’s pussy. Teri thrust her head back grabbing Cassie by the hair, riding her face.
“You taste so good! I want you to eat me too” Cassie managed, with a mouthful of blonde.
“Is there another patient after me?” Teri asked, allowing Cassie to come up for air momentarily.
“No, I wanted an early night” her pierced nipples stiffened into hard pegs, her body wriggling as Candie continued to lick and suck her pussy.
“You may not get that early night” Teri teased. “We have time for a nice slow sixty nine. I’m so horny, I’m sure you’ll make me cum” she groaned, rubbing her pussy over Cassie’s face, chin to nose.
“You’re so sexy. Those lips of yours, your legs, your hair. You’re a very fuckable woman Ms. Horn, so let’s have a lovely time the three of us.

And they did. Fingers stroked and caressed, mouths nibbled. licked, and sucked. Bodies rubbed, grinded, and scissored against one another. Tits pressed against tits….anything Cassie wanted, the women were more than happy to give to her…and give they did. Teri wrapped her legs around Cassie’s head…and Cassie reciprocated as they licked each other in sixty nine. Candie slid a lubed dildo into Cassie’s ass, slowly working it in and out as Teri sucked on her swollen clit. There was no doubt that Teri had broken through to the other side of her sexuality, and Cassie’s unorthodox methods were to be credited. Cassie came over and over again, not quite sure how many times at the hand, fingers, and lips of her favorite client and her new friend.
It was totally dark when they finished and the girls had offered to take Cassie out to dinner, hoping she’d be able to convince Cassie to take their games into the morning.
“So, does this mean I’m all done with my therapy?” Teri teased.
“No, not at all.” Cassie grinned. “You’ve come very far in a short time and I’m fearful that you may have a relapse. Who knows what you might accomplish in a few more months. I think you should come an hour early though, we’re going to need the extra time for the intense, in-depth sessions we’ll be having from here out” Cassie smiled.

“Oh, and feel free to bring a friend” she said as she leaned into Candie and kissed her.

Backdoor man


     It’s said that most affairs happen in the workplace. When you see the same people, day in and day out, possible attractions and crushes develop. No one ever mentions having an affair with the doorman at your condo…….this is the story of mine.

     As I returned home from the strip club I worked one evening, Mister Barrows was not present to greet me at the door as he always had done since I moved here two years ago. He was a sweet little old man who reminded me of a Teddy bear. Instead, there was this hunk of a man standing there at the door. He gave me a heart-throbbing ear-to-ear smile as he held the door open for me.

     “Evening miss” he said as I walked through. His voice was so sexy and he looked so hot, standing there in his doorman uniform. “Hello” I said. “I guess you’re replacing Mr. Barrows?”

     “Only for the weekdays” he replied. “Mr. Barrows will still be working weekends” His voice alone sent chills down my spine. I could have listened to him speak all day long. I stared at him with my mouth slightly opened, as if I were in some sort of daze. I was eagerly waiting for him to say something else; …”Is everything ok?” he asked, smiling. “Oh, uh, yeah I’m good” I stuttered. “Bye” I said as I briskly walked toward the elevator. He smiled and walked back to the security desk.

     As I got into the elevator, I closed my eyes and touched myself while I still had his image and voice in my head. I dropped my purse on the floor, closed my eyes, and squeezed my breasts together. I slide one hand down my skirt and reached for my pussy, tapping my clit a few times. The elevator came to a halt where I lived on the third floor, so I picked up my purse and calmly walked out. I didn’t have time to pleasure myself since I wanted to get changed, then have a late dinner ready for my boyfriend who was due soon.

     The next morning, I made sure that I looked hot for the doorman. I wore a mini-skirt and covered it with a long overcoat, so my boyfriend, who had stayed over, wouldn’t question me on my way out. I gave him a kiss on the head as he lay there still asleep, then headed out the door. As I stood in the elevator, I fixed my hair, then adjusted my bra so my boobs stood up and jutted out firmly. As I reached the ground floor, I walked out of the elevator and towards the front door. He was already standing there waiting with the door held open for me.

     “How did you know I was coming down?” I asked as I slowly walked toward him. “I saw you on the elevator” he responded with a smirk across his face. “What? ….you mean there are cameras inside?” I asked loudly. “Of course!” he laughed. “You should know that by now, even though they are hidden quite well”

     “Oh my God!” I exclaimed. “You know how many times I went down on my boyfriend in there?! …..Shit!! that means Mr. Barrows saw everything!”…..I was mortified.

     “yes, I’m jealous of Mr. Barrows” said the doorman. “I would have loved to watch you in action with those sweet, succulent lips.” I quickly covered my shocked, open mouth as I recalled touching myself seconds after meeting the new doorman just yesterday. “I saw that too” he said smiling, seemingly having read my mind. I was actually happy that he had seen me touch myself. I wanted to make him horny and get him off.

     “Did you like what you saw?” I asked in a low seductive voice.

     He licked his lips and nodded. This time he wasn’t smiling. He actually seemed quite serious. He didn’t move or make a sound. I guessed that he was waiting for me to initiate something, so I stepped forward and put both hands on his manly chest, rubbing them, fondling his muscular pecs. I slide my hands across his broad shoulders and squeezed his muscular arms.

     “You have such a hot body” I whispered to him. He smiled and watched me explore his body. I looked down at his groin, wondering if I was having any effect on him. I saw his cock bulge growing before my eyes. It was pressing and protruding against the fabric of his pants. He reached down and pressed his hand against it.

     “I shouldn’t be turned on right now seeing as How I’m working” he said quietly, looking away. I ignored his remark and forcefully pressed myself tightly up against him. I could feel his wood digging into my stomach.  I slide my body down his until I was on my knees. I looked up at him as I reached around and squeezed his ass, rubbing my chin all over his bulge, winking at him.

     “You got me rock hard.” he groaned as he ran his fingers through my hair. He briefly looked around to make sure we were still alone. I knew my boyfriend would be up soon and heading down to go to work. I had to get out of here! He buckled his knees as I slide back up his body, pressing my wet pussy up against his package as I stood up. “I gotta go!” I said quickly……”You’re going to leave me like this?” he asked as he pointed at his cock. I nodded and whispered sorry before bolting out the door.   

     I wasn’t due at the club until six Pm, but need to do some shopping before my shift began.

     As I strolled the aisles of the grocery store, thoughts of the doorman danced in my head. I picked up a cucumber, looked around to see if I was being watched, then slide it between my breasts. I imagined it was the doorman’s thick cock pushing through them and into my waiting mouth. I could feel myself getting wet as I fantasized circling my tongue over the head of his dick; his eyes rolling in his head as I slowly worked my way down his shaft…..licking….teasing…..rubbing his balls as I gradually took every delicious inch to the back of my throat. I thought of laying on my back and cupping his ass as he plowed his tool down my throat and fucked my face.

     I became so horny just thinking about it, that I decided to call the club and get another girl to work my shift. It was a Tuesday, and at best I would make maybe $150. Weekends were when I raked it in, making as much as $600-$800 if I worked it hard in the VIP room. I was hot and horny for the doorman and wanted some more time with him before my boyfriend came over to see me.

     As I pulled up, he was waiting by the door.

     “I kind of like seeing you here every day. It makes me look forward to coming home.” I said as I walked in.

     “And you spice up my job” he added.   

     “Did you happen to see me drive in?” I inquired. He nodded and led me to the security desk. “This happens to be the camera that’s for the front gate. I see everything!” he joked. “I can even see when your boyfriend comes in”

     I got what he was hinting at and yanked off the jacket I was wearing. He instantly reached down and for his bulge and caressed it as he shifted his eyes up my body. “You’re too hot” he whispered. “My cock is going to explode in my pants”

     I smiled and dropped to my knees “Keep an eye on the camera” I said in a low sultry voice. I looked up at him and unzipped his fly……then I pulled his pants down to his knees……I held his cock in my hand and began jerking it, aiming it towards my mouth…..still looking up, I flicked my tongue and licked the tip of his dick.

     “I wanna shove my cock down your throat” he groaned quietly.

     As I slid my wet tongue along the rim of his meat, his groans got louder.

     Suddenly, he jerked forward and stuffed his cock deep inside my mouth. I moaned loudly with it in my mouth and began sucking it wildly. He held the back of my head and repeatedly pushed my face into his crotch, nearly making me choke on his dick. I coughed and he commented that the contractions from the cough felt good against his wood.

     “Cough again” he ordered me as I sucked him off. I coughed and groaned louder “Ahh yeah! That’s gonna pull out my load!” I massaged his nuts as my tongue took care of his tool. I worked my tongue ring over the head and swirled it around before driving my face deep back down his shaft.

     “Oh yes, suck it good” he groaned as he took a deep breath.

     “I’m cumming!” he grabbed my hair and pulled it as he shot his creamy load, ejaculating into my mouth. He’d cum so hard and so much. that my mouth couldn’t handle all of it. I gulped down what I could, then spat the rest onto the floor.

     “Too much for you?” he asked, smirking as he played with my blonde hair.

     “I’ve never swallowed so much cream” I commented as I stood up.

     “Oh shit!” he exclaimed. “Go to the elevator now! Your boyfriend just drove through the gate.” With that said, I ran to the elevator and hoped in. On my ride up, I looked for the hidden camera but couldn’t find it, guessing that it was behind the mirror. It couldn’t be anywhere else. I stared at the mirror and stroked my pussy. “I’m fucking horny” I mouthed into the mirror. I began fondling my breasts with my other hand, then turned around…..bent over and spread my ass wide. I took a vibrator out of my purse and spit on it…..I shoved it up my ass and looked over my shoulder.

     “Fuck me up the ass” I mouthed into the camera, hoping my actions and sexual expressions would get him off again.

     As I reached my floor, I pulled up my skirt further and fully exposed my ass to him. I shoved the toy all the way in and fucked myself harder as the elevator came to a halt at my floor. I mouthed the words “Fuck me all night long and cum inside of my ass” 

     I couldn’t wait to see him the next day, but then realized that his shift would not end until later in the evening. I thought to myself “Why wait?”

     After eating dinner with my boyfriend, he announced that he would be heading to bed early as he had a grueling day on his construction job. Perfect, I thought. “I may go down to the gym for a quick workout” I lied. well, sort of. I had a workout in mind, but of the anal variety. I Loved being fucked in the ass, and the doorman had a huge cock that would stretch my tight little butt and make me squirt on all over his nuts. “Do what you love hun” he said. “Just don’t wake me when you come to bed. I have another tough day tomorrow. ” I assured him that I would be much too tired to initiate sex, and guaranteed him that he would sleep like a baby.

     He had fallen asleep right away, so I threw on something revealing…..my sexy tank-top that was cut just below the breasts and showed ample cleavage….along with my tightest yoga pants. I headed to the elevator and hoped in. I looked at the camera


     Turned around

     slid my yoga pants down to my ankles

     bent over

     reached behind myself

     spread my ass wide open

     looked over my shoulder

     stuck my tongue out and licked my lips

     reached between my legs with one hand

     shoved two fingers in my cunt

     stuck two fingers in my mouth and wet them

     Reached behind and slid them deep into my asshole

     I turned sideways, giving him a perfect view of both hands churning furiously in and out of my love tunnels

     …..I worked both hands in and out of my horny holes as I threw my head back and mouthed the words “Soooo fuuuucking Hoooorrrnnny”

     I got off on the main floor and went to visit the doorman. “You’re not going down to workout, are you?” he said slyly.

     “Oh, I’m working out alright.” I whispered, grabbing his shoulders and biting his neck. “But I don’t feel like going to the gym” I added, as I stroked his hard-on over his trousers. He got my drift and led me behind the glass of the security area.

     “I saw you fucking yourself on the elevator and got hard instantly” he said quietly. There was a long pause and then he continued “I want it so bad that I can feel it in my veins. I have to have it right now!” he ended up asking, like a horny teenager.

     “Well, why do you think I’m here?” I replied, seductively. I could feel my pussy burning with desire. My asshole puckered at the thought of being deeply penetrated. I ached for having his cock inside me for two days now….stretching and pounding my pussy and ass. I had to have it! This burning desire was almost indescribable – it was as though my pussy would explode if It didn’t get cock soon.

     I began rubbing his cock, remembering how it felt as it had grown in my mouth when I had blown him earlier. He pulled his pants off and held his cock for me, stroking it softly. “Sit on your chair” I told him. “Your dick is going to get the ride of it’s life” I said in a low tone, as I peeled off my yoga pants. I glanced around to make sure no one was watching. “Don’t worry, we can see them but they can’t see us” he assured me.

     I threw off my pants and sat on his lap. I straddled him and rubbed my bare pussy against his flesh. “You’re already rock hard” I moaned, as I grabbed his dick and slid it into my throbbing cunt, lowering myself onto his huge rod. “I can feel how soaked your pussy is on my cock. You’re very tight!” he moaned.

     He reached around and cupped my ass as I rode his enormous boner. I humped his crotch, slamming down onto his balls then up until only the head was still in. He must have been at least nine inches! I had sucked black cock before, but had never had one inside of me. The feeling was incredible!

     My pussy was indeed dripping wet. His cock kept pounding up inside of me. I was so tight that we could both hear the suction sounds as are groins slapped together in perfect rhythm. He groaned loud and I shrieked at the pleasure of the penetration. “Ride it cowgirl” he groaned. I instantly started humping him harder. I placed my hands around his neck and kissed him as I bucked up and down his glorious thick pecker. I wiggled my hips and thrusted my pelvis forward, jamming his cock up my tight hole. I was now vigorously humping his meat. Bouncing up and down on his huge black dick. He grunted louder each time I landed on his lap, throwing his head back, enjoying the sensation of my tight white-girl cunt. I could feel his black dick banging against the walls of my horny pussy. I was ready to cum!

     “I’m cumming” I yelled, as He covered my mouth with a large hand.

     His huge black cock was driving me wild! I was so loud that he became concerned that someone would hear us. I came hard and he leaned into me and whispered “Hush…Hush…” He kissed me on the neck then whispered into my ear again “Sssh…now how about getting on all fours and give me some of that phat ass you were showing off on the elevator? I wanna drive my dick balls deep into that tight looking little asshole of yours baby”

      He instructed me to get up, positioning me on the comfy armchair, facing it. I did as he wanted, laying my head down onto the backrest. I held onto each side of the chair, then placed my legs on the armrests, spreading myself wide for him.

     “I have anal lube in my purse” I said, looking back at him, winking.

     “Mmm, damn girl! that’s what’s up.”

     The doorman reached into my purse and extracted the anal lube. He squeezed out a very generous amount between my butt and watched it ooze down my smooth ass. He lubed up two fingers and slid them into me, working the lube deep into my asshole. He took his other hand and began fingering my freshly fucked pussy. I writhed at his touch. My body began reacting again and I was burning up with desire. I had never wanted black dick fucking my ass more than I did now. I swayed my hips back and forth and moaned “Oh….Oh….oh!”

     “I want it now! Shove that big black cock all the way up my ass and fuck it hard!”

     He grabbed onto each ass cheek and spread me as wide as he could. He placed the head of his thick black tool against my wrinkled grommet and started pushing, twisting it and gently but steadily forcing it forward. I bit my lower lip as the head of his huge dick slowly began sliding past my tight anal ring. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit, anticipating the final push that would sink him in.  

     With one last thrust, he slid into me and didn’t stop until his nuts were touching the hand I was massaging my pussy with. I could feel his cock all the way up into my gut! He started pumping his hips and I groaned and tingled all over from the feeling of nine inches of dark meat jammed into my asshole. Mouth wide open, my head bobbed back and forth and I moaned over and over




     “Oh my God!! ……fuck my ass with that big black dick!”

     He took a hold of the back of my head and pushed my face into the chair cushion, muffling my cries of ecstasy. My entire body trembled as waves of intense pleasure over took me.

     I had never had my ass so crammed with meat! The doorman took the panties dangling from my ankle, and stuffed them in my mouth. My eyes watered and my pussy leaked juice as he pounded my ass harder and harder, increasing his tempo with each relentless thrust. I gagged on the scent and taste of my own pussy-stained panties as he continued to drive into my asshole deeper and deeper, until his balls were slapping against my clit. I bit down on the panties and came hard as he kept pounding my nineteen year old asshole. His thick black cock hammering my ass sent chills down my spine, and I came all over his nuts in a second wave of orgasm.

     The doorman reached around and under me, rubbing my clit as I squeezed my boobs and pushed back, meeting his hard anal thrusts. The initial pain had long since subsided, and I was experiencing the most electrifying anal pounding that I had ever received.  Every nerve ending in my body tingled and cried out as the waves of extreme and intense pleasure racked my tiny frame.

     He is as deep inside of me as he can get now. I look into the mirror on the wall beside the chair. From there I can see across the room into the mirror directly behind him. I cum again as I watch his hips move up and down. I can see his thick black cock pulling out of my asshole, then pounding down and disappearing into the recesses of my teenage ass.

     Each time he pushes down into my ass, he grunts loudly. The sight of him burying his huge black dick deep into my ass, drives me wild with lust, and I squirm and grind up against his cock, pushing as hard as I can back onto him. I can see my ass contract and the skin around it being pulled tight as he drives his thick dick in and out…..in and out……in and out. I cum a third time, drenching his balls with my squirt. I revel in the glorious butt fucking that I’m receiving. I continue meeting his thrusts, hungrily seeking one climax after another.

    For twenty minutes he pounds my asshole relentlessly…..until finally grunts and shoots a thick creamy loud of cum deep into my asshole. “My God girl! You are the consummate devilish witch! I think I’d give my soul for you.” he pants, as he keeps pumping his seed deep into my well-fucked ass. 

    I spin around and take his sensitive cock into my mouth. I suck the last drops off cum off of his dick, tasting my own juices and the musky scent of my own ass coating him. I rub my pussy and suck his cock. He throws his head back and moans softly as I give him ass-to-mouth head.

     The doorman scoops me up easily and I wrap my legs around him. He stuffs his cock into my pussy and pumps me hard and fast. He pulls out and shoves his dick back into my asshole……he repeats this, moving from pussy to ass, until he groans again and fills my cunt with his load. Cum is trickling out my ass and running down the back of my legs. More cum is oozing out of my pussy and running onto the floor below us. The doorman had cum inside my mouth, my pussy and my ass in less than two hours.

     I will be renewing my lease when it expires in October. As long as the doorman works in my building, I will feed him my body. He can do whatever he wants to me. I’ve fallen in Love with the amazing things he does to my body. He never says no to me. He has become my little secret…….I am his cock sucking anal-slave. He has my cell number now and texts me whenever he is lonely or horny and wants to pound my holes. We have been secretly fucking for over six months now, and I never tell him that I am too busy. He even comes to see me dance at the strip club occasionally. All of the men throw their money at me and shout “Damn you’re hot! I want you baby!”

     But only the doorman gets to fuck me

    The doorman and his nine inch dick own my pussy and ass

     And they are absolutely free for him

     I’m his on-call slut and I’m horny for him 24/7










KISS MY PUSSY  [BAISER MA CHATTE] stars @STRIPPAKITTY as Teri @Sofia13_sketube as Sofia and @Jazzy_G1993 as Jazmine

     Returning home from her job interview, the gravity of what she had done washed over Jazmine . She felt ashamed. Only the lowest kind of pervert would compromise her art by accepting a job as an exotic dancer. Yet it thrilled her to be completely naked in front of everyone. So thrilled, in fact, that she had fucked one of the other dancers and her boyfriend! She knew it was wrong, evil and nasty. Yet, there was a part of her– a very large part– that had enjoyed each and every second of the wild, uninhibited lovemaking with Ashley. She had found a part of her she didn’t know existed. She hoped her friend and roommate Sofia would have some suggestions.

    She heard the door to her room slam and her roomie stormed in. Something was very obviously wrong. The pretty French girl seemed so angry. Jazzy nearly expected smoke to pour from her ears.

    “Good day?” Jazzy said jokingly.

    “Um, not really!” yelled Sofia.

    “Mine was pretty weird too” sighed Jazz. “Want to get stoned and swap stories?” She reached behind her nightstand and produced her bong. Jazmine took a long pull, exhaled, then passed it to Sofia.

    “Hell yes!, Thanks.” She was glad Jazzy was her roommate. There wasn’t anything they couldn’t talk about. She sighed inwardly “Too bad she isn’t into girls!” she thought to herself. “I’d love to run my tongue up in her and turn her inside-out. With that dancers body of hers, I bet she’s wild in the sack!”

    Changing into bra and thong, Sofia joined Jazzy on the bed. Her roomie was similarly dressed. Jazz wore only a sheer white bra with pink roses on it, and a really tiny thong that barely covered her pussy. Her body was lean and kissable. Her face gorgeous and deserving to be planted between Sofia’s luscious thighs……”Too bad” she thought once more, sighing again.

    “Okay roomie, give!” Jazmine enthused, drawing on the bong again. “What made your day so bad?”

    Sofia took a puff, as she intended to ‘get happy’ very fast! “Well, you remember my idiot ex-boyfriend Craig?’ she said, with obvious disgust.

    “Um, yeah, the asshole I didn’t like. What about him?”

    “Well, you know I thought the little shit got off easy when we broke up, right?”

    “Mmm-hmm. You always thought he should get what’s coming to him after you caught him cheating on you.”

    “You know it, girl. The little fuck found another girlfriend less than a week after that.”

    Jazzy shook her head “Some guys, you wonder how they do it”

    Sofia sighed “He had a big cock and he knew how to use it.” Jazzy’s face went bright red. “Anyway, I decided I needed some payback”

    Jazmine’s head was buzzing from the weed “Okay, so what did you do?

    Sofia’s face took on a wicked smile. “Okay well, I found out where his new girl works. She’s this blonde babe named Teri. The bitch works at Bare Exposure , that all-nude strip club downtown.

    Again, Jazzys face turned red again. This was the club she was going to be working at. Teri was one of the dancer’s she had met, and she was Hot! “Okay, so….”

    Sofia was enjoying retelling the story. Jazmine could tell from the grin on her face. “Well girl, I decided I’d go kick her ass and let Craig hear about it. So I vamped myself up— put on my black leather pants, stilettos, my tight silk top…..baby I looked H – O- T!”

    Jazmine flirted a bit, bolder than usual from the weed. “You always do baby”

    If Sofia had noticed Jazz’ flirtation, she gave no indication. The sultry coed went on with her tale.

    “I went to the club with a take-no-prisoners attitude” I got there and asked around. I had no idea what this Teri chick looked like. One of the bartender’s, a girl named Ali, pointed me in her direction. So I walked over prepared to fight.”


    Sofia continued with her story “I went over to where I was told she was. I saw this girl in a tight leather mini and black boots. Her hair was dirty blonde and she had the sweetest ass! I tapped her on the shoulder and…..”

    “Yes, AND…..?” Jazmine said with a growing impatience.

    “She turned around and I was looking into the bluest eyes and most beautiful smile ever.  That sweet baby doll face. I couldn’t do it. I was smitten for her kitten.

    “Really?” Jazzy laughed. She’d found Teri equally as Hot.

    Sofia told Jazmine that Teri’s smile was mesmerizing. She was sitting around with a group of her friends, all of whom were pretty. There was Chrissy, Andrea, Demi, Jenni, and Michelle. She had a sweet, little girlie voice, and eyes that seemed to dance.  Sofia found herself warming to the dancer immediately. There was a definite sexual attraction from the first second. There was no doubt in Sofia’s mind that she was going to seduce this beautiful, sexual creature.

    Sofia was calmed now and accepted Teris’ invitation to join the festivities. She could easily see why Craig liked her. She was always smiling, always upbeat, a joy to be with. She was adorable and sexy, albeit, in a totally unconscious manner.

    Sofia kept an eye on her alcohol intake that night. She didn’t want to be smashed when she had her ‘alone time’ with the beauty. That came sooner than expected. Teri’s companions accepted offers for private lap dances, leaving Sofia alone with the Hottie. 

    “So sofia, what was it that broght you to our fine establishment tonight?” Teri asked, the perpetual grin radiating from her face. Her almond eyes were melting Sofia, so she steeld herself and went on.

    “Actually Teri. you did”

    “Me?” Sofia nodded and told her all about her relationship with Craig. How she had become ‘The other woman’ and how she had come to the bar to kick her ass.

    “Then I met you, and you were so nice, well….”

   “You didn’t want to?” …..Sofia nodded

    “I’m so sorry. That Craig!” Teri said in distaste. “He told me you two were over. I would never….oh that Mother Fucker!” Sofia giggled. It almost seemed out of character to hear Teri’s little angel voice swear.

    “Well, don’t worry about it. I’m officially over it” Sofia exclaimed.

    “I’m not!” Teri spat. “I swear. I’m gonna kick HIS ass!”

    “You?” Sofia laughed.

    Teri gave a slow, cute grin. “You couldn’t have kicked my ass even if you wanted to. I’m a second degree black belt. I’ll take care of Craig”

    Sofia reached out and took Teri’s hand gently. “No baby, these pretty hands shouldn’t be fighting. Craig will fuck himself over. Guys like that always do. Let’s just talk and be friends, Okay?”

    Teri leaned in and gave Sofia a soft kiss on the lips. “I want to buy some drinks but this place is so damned expensive. Why don’t we go back to my place, have a few glasses of wine, and talk. okay?”

    Sofia wasn’t sure if Teri’s kiss held a promise of things to come, or had just been friendly. She surely wasn’t foolish enough to let the opportunity pass. Teri waved to her friends on the dance floor and she and Sofia left the building and got into Teri’s car. Sofia kept glancing over at the girl, stealing looks at the beauty in a bustier, the mini, the boots…..wondering how wild this sexy little thing could get….hoping to find out!

    Sofia could barely concentrate, she was so enamored with the adorable girl as she chatted animatedly. So many wicked thoughts went through Sofia’s head….how bubbly and upbeat she was……how nice it was to have made a new friend…..and yes….how she would taste. The noises she would make…..how she’d move in bed…..and how her face would look when she was cumming!

    Sofia was suitably impressed with her apartment. It was large…..very spacious. Neat and tidy, almost meticulous. There were a few plants hanging in the windows, several knick-knacks, a huge L-shaped beige-colored Natuzzi couch. A 55″ Sony DLP tv, and she had a few Wyeth prints on the walls as well. There wasn’t a speck of dust in the place!

    Teri returned with two glasses of wine and sat next to Sofia on the couch. She handed her a chilled glass of Riesling “I’m kind of a neat freak” she smiled, clinking glasses with the French beauty. “Your place is beautiful. How can a student afford such luxury?” she asked.   

    “Well, the strip job pays well, and if you’re willing to fuck and suck, it pays way better! ….oh yeah, I sleep with older sexy  women for a tidy sum.”


    Teri grinned at Sofia. “I thought that might get you. A few years back I was seduced by my mom’s friend.  Amelie was a total Lezzie. Who knew? But oh God, could she do things to me! …..Anyway, she put the idea in my head to sleep with older sexy women for big cash.

    “Don’t you find it….”

    Teri cut her off “I enjoy almost anything to do with sex. I’m very particular about my clientele. These are women I \’d enjoy sleeping with, even if I weren’t charging them. It also helps me get off and stay loyal to my man…..even if he did turn out to be a fucking asshole!” she laughed.   

    Sofia joined her sexy new friend in laughter. She was becoming more at ease with each passing second. Still it was difficult to to imagine this petite cutie being nasty in bed with another woman….until she spoke again.

    “Come now, Sofia, you can’t be that shocked. Don’t tell me you didn’t come with me to the privacy of my own apartment on the hope of getting g your mouth inside of my panties.”

    Sofia was surprised at Teri’s boldness and grinned sheepishly.

    “Well too bad…I’m not wearing any!” she said, pulling up her mini to reveal she was indeed sans panties. She was also exquisitely bare. No hair covered her soft adorable mound. Sofia’s mouth was watering. She was aching to taste Teri’s shaved gorgeous little cunt.

    Teri took Sofia’s drink and led her by hand to her bedroom. “Come with me, we’ve wasted enough time chatting. I have a lovely king-sized bed and can’t wait to taste your sweet French pussy sprawled out on it.

    Sofia laughed “Here I thought I would be the aggressor.”

    Teri cooed in her soft sweet angelic voice “Another time Love. Right now I want to bury my face in your hot bald cunt”

    Teri’s sudden lewdness sent delighted shivers down Sofia’s spine.  Like the rest of the apartment, Teri’s bedroom was exquisite. It had dozens of beautiful hand-made candles in magnificent pewter holders. There was a huge vanity nearby with a mirror that allowed any participant to view all of the fun and games that would go on. Sofia also noticed a stunning oak armoire in the corner. As she sat down on the soft bed and slid off her shoes, she felt Teri’s hand s wrap around her from behind.

    “I wanted you from the very first time I laid eyes on you” she whispered in Sofia’s ear.

    Sofia giggled “Same here. Too bad Craig isn’t hear to watch and get his mind blown”

    “Well that’s the only thing that would get blown” Teri smiled, kissing Sofia softly on the neck and bringing her small soft hand up to grasp Sofia’s ample breasts.

    “Craig is never ever getting near me again” she whispered, taking in Sofia’s aroma. “Besides, you’re MUCh cuter.”

    Sofia turned and kissed Teri, their lips just brushing lightly for the time. “What’s in that armoire?” she wanted to know.

    “If you promise to behave…..no scratch that.  If you promise to MISbehave, I just might show you baby.” Teri purred, biting Sofia’s earlobe.

    “Keep that up sexy, and I’ll eat you until dawn.”  Sofia growled. She could already feel her French-cut panties growing damp with excitement. The excitement of a new lover never failed to do that. This encounter was even more enticing, and was soaking them through. Her nipples were hard pegs against her silk blouse. Teri’s eyes were focusing on them.

    “You’re turned on already….that’s soooo sexy!” she giggled. Teri ran her fingers up and down Sofia’s taut body. The silk caressed her nipples and she couldn’t help but sigh in pleasure.

    Jazmine continued to listen to Sofia’s story. She could feel herself getting wet. She wondered if she was turning into some kind of pervert, but put that thought out of her head and continued listening to her steamy tale.

    “She had the nicest, gentlest, most arousing touch I’ve ever felt. Sofia didn’t know that Jazzy had met Teri and was know envisioning her naked body on the large bed, doing all of those things Sofia described to HER.

    Teri was pressed close to Sofia now; her hand reached inside of Sofia’s silk blouse and touched the girls nipples again. No bra impeded her progress.

    Sofia didn’t need one. Teri’s slender fingers tweaked each nipple caressing the brown bud, and she kept nuzzling Sofia’s neck. The French woman’s murmurs of arousal let her know that she was getting to her. Her hand moved down, down, down, sliding oh-so-slowly and touching Sofia’s plump mound through her panties. “You’re already soaked….you little slut!” Teri growled.

    “You too!” Sofia responded as she snaked her hand under Teri’s panties and twiddled her clit. Sofia squirmed in delight. Her dark eyes flashed signs of encouragement. No stranger to the pleasure if girl-on -girl love, Sofia ran her hands all over the nymph’s thighs, up  and down her slender sexy legs. She pulled off one of Teri’s boots, then the other. Grinning impishly, her white teeth dazzling, she took one of Teri’s dainty feet into her mouth and licked it playfully, then repeated the action with the other foot, sucking her toes.

    “Fuckkkk….you naughty slut!” Teri moaned, enjoying her attentions. Teri had Sofia’s blouse open and was caressing the girls flesh with her fingernails. From time to time, she would lick a nipple, then blow cold air on it. Sofia shuddered in ecstasy.

    The two sex kittens just played around on the bed, shadows dancing behind them on the wall from the lit candles. Lips pressed against lips….tongues entwined….hands stroked and fondled…..Sofia’s fingers flew to Teri’s bustier, and she unlaced it teasingly….bit by bit…..pulling at the laces with her teeth. When Teri’s bustier was open…and her ripe boobs were fully exposed…..Sofia pushed them together and fastened her lips on Teri’s nipples, causing her new lover to yelp.

    “You know you love it” Sofia grinned at her.

    “Uh-huhhhh!” she sighed as she leaned back on the bed.  Sofia yanked the tight leather skirt off of the babe. She was now sexily….playfully….gloriously naked! Sofia took off her own clothing, including g the drenched panties. She moved beside Teri on the bed and took the tiny girl into her arms.

    “Okay scrumptious, what evil things shall we do now?”

    Teri reached out and stroked Sofia’s cheek “Want to see what’s inside my armoire now, sugar?” Sofia nodded enthusiastically.

    The host smiled and slowly walked over to the armoire. Opening it, she revealed a treasure trove of toys and clothes for the sexually depraved and kinky. Thigh-high boots…. more bustiers….. drawers full of lingerie…. a leather outfit that would criss-cross over the wearer’s body, but leave her tit’s and pussy exposed…..a large collection of dildo’s and vibrators….ball gags…..ben-wa balls….Teri even had one of those chairs where you could lower yourself onto your male partner’s cock…..”My house is clean, but inside I’m a dirty little slut….My armoire is called ‘Teri’s Treasures’ she smiled.

    “Oh my God! Lucky me! Now I’m thrilled that Craig cheated and I got to meet you.” Sofia said. “What are you in the mood for, Teri?”

    Teri grabbed a strap-on dildo and handed it to Sofia. “Here, put this on and fuck me like a filthy little whore. Fuck me hard like you hate me. Fuck my cunt and my asshole and make me YOUR dirty slutty bitch!. Please Sofia, please?”

    It thrilled Sofia to no end to hear the sexy little Minnie Mouse voice beg to be taken, so she attached the thick dildo and scurried over to the bed.

    Teri followed suit, but she made a little show of it, strutting and teasing, bending over and spreading her delectable bald cunt open giving Sofia a preview of what she was in store for.   Sofia’s blood was boiling. She had never found ANYONE who had turned her on this way. Teri was cute, perky, and absolutely adorable…..but it was all a façade for what was truly a wild, hot and horny, and ever-so-kinky little fuck slut who was very desirable to men and women. Teri joined Sofia on the bed and kissed her softly…moved to the headboard..  got on her hands and knees…. looking over her shoulder she said “Okay baby, let me know what a lezzie-loving fuck -whore I can be for you”

    Sofia was hornier than the fires burning in Hell. Hearing Teri talk so filthy, which seemed so out of place for a tiny little blonde haired sweetie, drove her over the edge from desire to pure horned lust!

    Sofia eased the rubber cock into Teri’s tight little pussy. The sounds of her soft moans made Sofia’s pussy drip and she got even hornier.

    “Don’t be gentle, you delicious French slut. Use that fucking cock and bang the cream out of me. Fuck me hard like a filthy bitch…I can take it!”

    Sofia was ecstatic and did as ordered. She slammed the artificial cock in and out of the tiny sluts tight hole, slapping her ass with her free hand, as she spit on the other and rammed two fingers into Teri’s asshole. “Like this my cock loving fuck-slut? …..Do you like having your cunt stretched from me?…..you fucking gorgeous little cunt eating pig!”

    Sofia had instinctively found the right button to push on the tiny tramp. Her nasty talk got to Teri right away. Her pussy dripped as it pushed back and squeezed onto Sofia’s driving thrusts. Sofia slammed and hammered in and out of her pussy. Teri clenched her teeth and begged to be pumped harder. The faster and deeper she drove the dildo in, the louder and wilder the nymph cried, begging to be filled deeper.

    “Oooooh! Ooooh! ….Yes! Yes! Fuck me you horny bitch! Stretch my fucking cunt! I LOVE it! Moooore! Please! …..Mmmm, pull it out and fuck me up the ass!

    Sofia’s skills were being pushed to the limit  as she fucked the petite beauty. Teri had this delicate sweet appearance….very sweet and innocent looking…..but Sofia know knew better….inside was an absolute trashy slut who got off on being fucked hard and used. She ran her hands all over the little angels firm, shapely body as she pumped her as hard and deep as she could. She could smell the delicate fragrance wafting from the girl’s smooth tanned skin. Sofia got off seeing her blonde hair swing from shoulder to shoulder….her blue eyes melting….filling with passion an lust as she crammed the dildo into her plump little ass, sinking it in 8″ deep. Teri writhed and bucked in orgasm. It didn’t take long for her to cum from Sofia’s relentless anal assault.

    “Christ that was so fucking good!” Teri panted, trying to regain her breath. “Now you know why hippies say make love, not war!”

    “Do you want to do things to me too, Teri?” Sofia grinned.

    “Mmm, like what things?” she cooed. “Tell me baby, what would you love me to do to you?”

    Sofia glanced over at the armoire and was instantly inspired. “Why don’t you put on that leather mask and make me your fuck toy”

    Jazmine gasped at the revelation. She had not thought it to be in her roomies nature to be submissive to anyone. She gave her pussy a light caress as Sofia continued her tale.

    Teri took great care in dressing Sofia in sheer white lace, opposing her black leather mask only attire. There were holes cut out in the ass that continued around to the vaginal area, leaving both love holes fully exposed. Teri began to rub Sofia all over with Jasmine-scented cream, her caress setting the French girl’s skin on fire.

    Teri looked wild, fierce, and haughty now, her hair pinned up and the leather mask in place. She added a studded leather collar. Sofia snuck a glance at her snug little shaved pussy, still wet from the pounding satisfaction she had bestowed upon her moments earlier. The sight caused her to moan and she begged Teri for a taste. “Oh please sit on my face and grind that sweet little love box in my mouth baby”

    “My turn for some fun bitch” she hissed, as she grabbed a handful of Sofia’s hair and forced her onto her back. The tiny nymph hovered over Sofia’s waiting face. Teri produced a hidden leather riding crop and snaked it around Sofia’s neck, pulling her mouth up as she lowered her soaked cunt down onto Sofia’s lustful lips. She grinded her Hot pussy over Sofia’s face, forcing her to eat her clit to asshole. Sofia gobbled, drooled into her pussy, and moaned in squeeled delight, lapping at the nymph’s horny cunt and tasting her sweet juices.

    “Turn over and get that fucky ass up in the air!” Teri commanded.

    Sofia was horny but a bit apprehensive, but she liked Teri and trusted her, so she did as she was told. She moved forward on the bed, wiggled her ass and felt the sting from the riding crop. The first few were enjoyable, but after several swats she began to ache. By the twentieth stroke, she cried and begged Teri to stop.

    Then Teri did something absolutely delightful. She had somehow gotten ice cubes and put them in her mouth. She began licking and tasting Sofia’s sexy French ass. The sensation felt great! Suddenly Teri slithered her tongue deep into Sofia’s asshole and began rimming and tongue-fucking her ass. Sofia bucked and moaned and exploded in orgasm upon orgasm.

    Teri swung around and pressed open Sofia’s legs and the two started a lazy 69 of sexual oral buffet. No part of their bodies went untouched. They kissed and licked necks, ears, breasts, pussies, and assholes. Teri’s perversions were a total turn-on for her and she felt uninhibited as she feasted on the nymph’s succulent puffy bald cunt. The two sucked and fucked all night long.

    By morning, Sofia was sure she wanted Teri as her lover. She was sitting naked face to face, having her new lover feed her breakfast.  “I may have to think about joining you in that business of yours. Can you imagine how much we could make offering our services for threesomes to rich horny milfs?”

    “And have you?” Jazmine asked, wanting to know.

    Sofia nodded “A few times. I haven’t slept with a man in months. I’ve been really enjoying the company of having sex with women…..and the times I have, I’ve gone back to Teri’s home and licked her clean after our adventures.

    Jazmine took another hit off of the bong asking “Then why  were you in such a foul mood when you came home?”

    “Oh, that. Well, my baby has got her monthly visitor, and she won’t do ANYTHING when she has and…..”

    “Gotchya” Jazmine said.

    Sofia sighed “Telling you that story got me Hot and Horny. I think I’m ready for a shower” she laughed.

    Sofia left the room  and Jazmine watched as she stripped out of her clothing on the way, leaving a trail behind.

    Sofia turned on the hot water and was just beginning to soap her body up, when the curtain was pulled aside “Want someone to wash your body, Hot stuff?”  Jazmine said with a throaty purr. Sofia’s now naked and Hot roomie stepped into the shower and pulled the curtain closed.

    “And just wait til you hear how I spent MY day….” Sofia’s eyes went wider as Jazmine spun the erotic tale of her new job at Bare Exposure and all the kinky possibilities it held for the two of them…….

                                                                                     THE END

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Cream City countdown

Kyla Cummings is a natural blonde with a very pretty face. Her eyes are blue, her skin is smooth and tan, and her pouty lips are generous and smile a lot. She is short and ripe, and her luscious  body is considered highly desirable by men and women of all ages and races. Her plump 34c breasts have full, puffy nipples. Her waist is 24″ and her hips and sweet ass flair out from there and curve nicely around to merge with her tender thighs. The men and women in her life consider her body to be perfect for fondling and fucking…..or just to gaze upon in lust. That’s one reason she smiles a lot. Kyla does not believe in wasting resources, so she delights in keeping her taut body busy with fucking  and other sexual activities, in every possible kinky position imaginable, usually with three or more men and women at a time.

    My name is Morgan Hennessey, and early one September afternoon, I was fortunate enough to a part of such a crowd. I have been taking a college course in the morning in my home town of Milwaukee, and was in the student lounge talking to my teacher Mr. Walker, when Kyla walked in and approached us. She wore skin-tight capri pants and an even tighter pink top, and every time she moved, it was obvious that her luscious boobs were unrestrained underneath. Her pants were so tight in fact, that a camel toe was clearly visible, and her fragrant juices her soaked through, enticing the nostrils of everyone around. It was also obvious to everyone that she was wearing NOTHING under either of them.

    “Hi guys” she smiled to us. “I’m done with classes, so do you feel like having some fun if you have the time?” Now Kyla has a certain reputation around campus as being slutty. I prefer to call it free-spirited, as she is rather picky, unlike a slut, and tends to keep the same circles when it comes to fornicating. When she asks if you want to have fun, she means sexual fun with her. If she asks that question, anyone she makes eye contact with is invited. So if she addresses a group of people, they are all invited! Now Mr. Walker, whom I had been seeing without my parents knowledge, and I, were the only two Kyla had approached today. This was rather exciting to me, as I had vivid memories of the detailed attention that Kyla spent on every inch of my 5’8″ frame. We had had sex at her apartment once before, and to this day, it was the greatest lesbian experience I had ever had. She’d made me squirt several times from rimming my ass while she drove a thick latex dildo into my horny pussy. I shivered as I recalled it, sitting there listening to her invite me back for seconds. Mr. Walker had heard of Kyla’s adventures through gossip, but had never experienced an evening of sexual bliss with her.

    She smiled lewdly when we both nodded and expressed a desire to join her, and took us by the hand and walked us across the street to her apartment. Once she had closed and locked the door behind us, Kyla kicked off her shoes and walked to the bed, turning to face us. I have a certain reputation too, and she knew it.  She knows very well of my lust for tonguing a girls asshole. “We’re all going to have a great time today!” she announced, smiling ear to ear. “The first thing I want is for Mr. Walker to eat me. I’m going to sit on his face and rub my pussy across his mouth. Morgan, I want you positioned behind me, tonguing my ass.” neither of us objected to her command, least of all me.

    When Kyla addresses her sexual partners, she likes it to be worshipped. She stood by the bed and waited for us to undress her. I didn’t wait more than a second, and quickly took Mr. Walker by the hand and lead him over to her to begin this pleasant task. Mr. Walker, Kevin is his name, hurried to step behind her. He took hold of the hem of Kyla’s top, and started pulling it up her belly. She raised her arms and he continued pulling it up and over her head, stopping to cup her breasts in his hands. He did this so he could pull the garment clear of her ripe boobs…and to have fun fondling her delicious orbs. 

    I stepped forward and unbuttoned the side of her pants. I worked them around her succulent ass and began peeling them down her lush thighs. After Kevin pulled her top off, allowing her magnificent breasts to fall free, she sat on the edge of the bed so we could both strip her pants the rest of the way off.  As I had surmised, Kyla hadn’t been wearing any undergarments, not even sox., which made sense. She had a clear cut plan as to what her afternoon activities would consist of, and staying clothed wasn’t among them.

    Completely naked, she grabbed Kevin and told him to strip and lay on his back. She straddled his face, and just as she had said she would, she lowered her shaved slit onto his waiting lips. She leaned forward and began to lovingly stroke his already half-hard cock with her right hand. I got on my hands and knees and spread her ass cheeks wide open and pushed my tongue into her hole. Kyla immediately reached back with her left hand and grabbed my hair and pulled on it as she jerked Kevin’s dick to full erection. She licked her way around the head of his cock and sucked on his balls, as Mr. Walker moaned in appreciation of her skills. I could hear her moan as she was getting double tongue-dipped, and her pussy was soon dripping. I dug my nails into her flesh and rimmed her sweet ass, driving my tongue in and out of her hole. She pushed her mouth all the way down on Kevin’s hard-on, bobbing her blonde mane back and forth. Just when she had him squirming below her, she stopped and flipped over onto her back. She lay in the middle of the bed with a pillow under her head and spread her legs. When she was comfortable, she crooked her finger at me. An offer I couldn’t refuse. Since I love the feel of the silky insides of a woman’s thighs against my skin. I peeled off my top before kneeling between her legs. She raised her legs and draped them over my shoulders, leaving my mouth inches from her delightful pussy, which I would soon be feasting on.

    I was ready to start doing what she wanted, and Kevin got into position beside her, cupping a luscious breast in each hand and licking her puffy nipples.  “Mmm”, she moaned. The bedroom door opened and Scotty walked in. “Hope you don’t mind. I thought four would be a nice number.” Scotty walked over to the bed and pulled his zipper down and knelt on the mattress, sticking his cock right in her mouth so she could suck it as Kevin sucked on and fondled her boobs.

    Kyla’s pussy certainly was a thing of beauty. As a natural blonde, her pubic hair would have been soft and fine. But she had shaved it that morning, making her soft creamy skin more sensitive, but no less beautiful or enticing. Her pussy lips were swollen and dark pink. Where they met to from her clit hood, the adorable morsel had pushed it’s way through , and was eager to be sucked on and caressed by my tongue. It would have to wait, because when I eat a pussy, I build up a woman slowly up to orgasm and make it as momentous as I can.

    Besides her swollen lips, Kyla’s eagerness to have her pussy eaten was evident from the juices trickling down her thighs. Their aroma was sweet, and when I leaned forward to taste her, their flavor was even more heavenly. After my tongue had savored all her nectar, I started licking her smooth outer lips. Very slowly, I licked all the way to her mons, kissed her, and returned to start on the second outer lip. Kyla was squirming under my face and producing fresh juices, so I knew she was relishing what I was doing to her. I would have loved to have seen her face, but she had it stuffed with Scotty’s dick and I knew from the moans, she was enjoying her work from the sighs he was making.  It was a small price to pay for eating such a gorgeous pussy. After sucking on her pussy lips, and devouring her fresh nectar, I tilted my head and thrust my tongue in sideways, slowly caressing her slit with my tongue. I continued up until I reached her clit.

    I was in heaven and in no hurry to bring her to orgasm, so my tongue delicately kissed the hood several times before I moved back to where I had started. By now, her pussy was fucking up into my mouth. She was pulling my hair again and bucking her hips, her head swaying and bobbing on Scotty’s hard-on. Kevin was tit-fucking her and poking his dick up through her breasts and into her mouth, as Scotty removed his cock from her throat to allow Kevin’s cock to enter. They were taking turns fucking her sweet little mouth as I nibbled on her swollen clit.

    Kyla had her arm around Scotty’s waste and was moving her mouth back and forth going all the way down onto his throbbing boner, her pretty blue eyes looking up into his as she took every inch down her throat. He was thrusting his hips, meeting her halfway, and it looked and sounded like he was going to cum any second, filling her mouth with semen. I knew she could also reach her climax in a few moments so I started sucking on her clit a bit faster. I watched as Scotty’s butt cheeks clenched and his head fell back, and knew he had shot a load in her mouth. I heard Kyla gag and knew she had just swallowed a big mouthful of cum.  Kevin immediately climbed up to her face and put his cock to her lips and she took him right into her mouth and began slurping on his hardened meat.  He pivoted around until he was now standing on the carpet and draped her head over the edge of the bed. I now had an unimpeded view of her beautiful full breasts, dripping with cum, as I snacked on her wet pussy.  Kevin grabbed a fistful of blonde hair in both hands and began pumping her mouth hard. He was forcing every inch of hard dick down her throat until he moaned and shot a second load of cum over her tongue. I had my tongue buried deep into her dripping love hole, catching all of her  juices in my mouth, and pleasing my taste buds immensely. I knew she was anxious to cum herself, but slowed a bit to take my time enjoying her tastes and scents, knowing she would cum harder if I delayed her orgasm.  While her sexy body pitched and thrashed on the bed, my tongue worked it’s way up the edges of her wet pink love-hole.  I probed the edges, moved slowly up to her clit, sucked on it, then drove my tongue back in deep. She raised her knees and pulled them back toward her body, allowing me access to her ass.  I began licking and sucking her asshole to clit, pausing to bury my face in her and wiggle my head.  I wet two fingers and drove them deep into her pussy as I tongue-fucked her tight little asshole. Kyla stretched her legs back farther until her ankles were behind her ears, then reached around her hips and cupped my head into her hands, she massaged my temples as I continued to probe her butthole with my tongue. Every time it moved, my tongue dipped into the bubbling cauldron causing her to buck her hips and moan out. I knew she was about to cum so I moved my mouth back to her clit and rammed two fingers into her asshole.

    Yes! Yes! Suck my pussy!” she cried out.

    I wanted to do exactly that and, while my lips formed a seal, I circled and swirled her clit with my tongue. Her ass bounced up and down the mattress as she squirted all over my face. 

    “Oh! Oh! Yes!” she crooned and squealed in sheer delight, cumming repeatedly.

    Her movements became even wilder and her legs clamped onto the sides of my head and started swinging side to side. As she rocked back and forth, her ass bounced up and down, ramming her pussy into my face, which I felt was the best place it could be. I kept my arms wrapped around her thighs and my mouth glued to her clit while my lips and tongue fondled the little darling. For as long as she was cumming, Kyla warbled in glee, begging me to suck her clit and for the men to shove their cocks back into her mouth.

    With a great cry of ecstasy, Kyla continued to climax, her muscles spasming and her back arching, slamming her soaked pussy into my mouth. After squirting for what seemed like a full minute, Kyla’s body almost melted into the bed and her legs loosened their grip on my head. I removed my mouth from her clit and licked all the delicious juices from her pussy and thighs that were spattered from her exertions. Kyla was now taking turns sucking on Scotty and Kevin’s cocks.

    She paused and grinned, looking at each of us “I hope you guys love fucking as much as sucking because we’re just getting started.” she smiled.

    As I said, kyla has a reputation, and all of us knew we were in for an afternoon of hot sex with her until we became too tired to continue. At her direction, Kevin and Scotty were told to stand so she could decide which man would enter the orifice she wanted their delightful cocks in. There was a bottle of her favorite cherry-scented anal lube on the night stand. She told Kevin to grab the lube and rub it on his cock. Scotty was directed to lay on his back, and she quickly positioned herself over him. Scotty held his hard cock upright, and she straddled him and lowered herself onto the head, rubbing it through her wet lips to lubricate him. She wiggled her hips and sunk down onto his full length. Next, Kyla leaned forward and pushed her firm boobs into Scotty’s face for him to bite and nibble on as he drove his dick up and into her eager love hole. As Scotty thrust his hard-on deep into her wet slit, she directed Kevin to push the head of his cock into her asshole. Kevin moaned as the head of his dick penetrated her tightness and eased in, stretching her wide open. I quickly positioned my face at her butt cheeks, watching Kevin and Scotty impale her. “Pull your cock out of my ass and feed it to Morgan’s horny mouth” Kyla sighed. I cupped Kevin’s balls as he popped his cock out of her tight ass and fed it to my waiting lips. As I sucked on the head and underside of his stiff prick, I worked two fingers into Kyla’s asshole and sank them to the second knuckle. Kevin grabbed a handful of my hair and slowly slid his cock down my throat, then pulled it back out and slapped it against her butt. I squeezed a stream of cherry anal lube between her butt crack and watched it ooze down between her succulent flesh. When the trickle reached her asshole, I circled my index finger over it then shoved it in. I bit into her plump ass as Kevin re-entered her delicious rump, watching him pound her ass, balls slapping against her as Scotty below her pumped his hips up slamming his meat into her pussy. After taking his entire shaft up her ass, Kyla reached behind herself and spread her butt cheeks wide open and began pushing back. “Ooooh, that feels so fucking good Kevin. Hammer my ass and gape me. I wanna feel your tool split my asshole wide open” she cried. Kyla’s ass was very tight, especially with Scotty’s cock cramming her pussy at the same time. I kissed and licked her butt, useing my hands to help her spread open to receive Kevin’s relentless anal pounding. He repeated stroking her and pulling out, feeding me his musky scented cock meat to suck on then push back into her ass. I could tell from her deep moans that she was close to orgasm from the double penetration. I kissed her neck and ears then turned and reached behind myself, grabbing her face in both hands. I pushed my ass into her face and felt her wet tongue circle then slip into my hole. I slowly moved my hips up and down allowing her to eat me clit to asshole. Her muffled sighs grew louder as Kevin grunted then shot a thick creamy load deep into her sweet ass. Having her mouth full of my ass, she didn’t say anything, but did react shaking her head back and forth as I fingered my wet slit. I tightened my grip on her face and came very hard, my pussy juices running down my thighs and onto Scotty’s face as he cream-pied into her pussy. We had all come together within seconds of one another. Kyla sat up and with both men on either side of her, began sucking and squeezing their cocks, licking all of the cum up that remained. I knelt down between her legs and pushed them apart, licking her holes and tasting the cum that dripped from them.
I took the 8″ thick dildo that Scotty had bought for Kyla and squirted the anal lube on it, working it up and down the latex shaft end to end. Kyla’s beautiful blonde head bobbed back and forth. sucking cock and balls as I slowly guided the huge toy to her ass. She looked down from the corner of her eye and lifted her hips up. I twisted the dildo and worked an inch up into her ass. I placed my hands on either side of her and pushed her down onto the thick missle. She groaned onto Kevin’s cock as the thick sex toy sunk up into her tight rectum. Kyla slowly bounced up and down on the toy as I sucked on her delicious clit. The guys picked up pace, taking turns face-fucking her hot mouth as she increased speed slamming down onto the dildo. I licked and sucked her tasty pussy, looking up at her firm boobs jiggle up and down and seeing the look of lust on her cock-filled face.
Uh! Uh! Uh! she whimpered as she impaled herself on the dildo. I kept eating her as I watched the toy fill then vacate her tight ass. The anal lube had liquefied and was working perfectly, so there was no friction, just the wonderful tightness of Kyla’s asshole and her muscles managing the strokes. I swallowed the plethora of pussy juices flowing from her sweet snatch as she throated the cocks and bucked her hips up and down the toy.
Yes! Yes! yes! she cried out joyously as she started cumming into my mouth. Her movements became even more wild and she completely gave her pussy to my mouth. She cupped the back of my head with both hands as she sucked off both guys, hands-free. As Kyla moaned again, she squirted into my mouth about the same time Scotty grunted and shot his seed into the back of her throat. Kyla turned her attention to Kevin and he pulled her hair and fucked her face, until he too groaned and came hard in her mouth.
Finally, Kyla’s hips stopped bouncing and she relaxed her grip on my head. She fell back and the four of us lay in a happy pile. The guys got up and walked over to her mini bar and cracked open beers, smiling contently. Kyla looked into my eyes and smiled slyly. “Mmm, Morgan, I wanna suck your delicious pussy until you squirt in my mouth” she whispered.
For at least three more hours that afternoon, Kyla and I frolicked on her bed, 69ing each other over and over again as the guys quietly let themselves out, giving us our one-on-one privacy so that we could explore each other’s sweet holes.
Eventually, all good things must come to an end, and we collapsed in each other’s arms quiet and content. I still hang out at the student lounge, and Kyla still comes by a few times each week. We sit and talk and giggle, and no one really knows what we’re laughing at…..except for our Professor, Mr. Walker, who smiles and winks at us saying “Nice to see two of my best students getting along so well”
Hahaha! if everyone only knew 😉

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